[Review] Alien: Covenant – A flawed prequel to a flawless franchise

Director: Ridley Scott

Cast:  Michael FassbenderKatherine WaterstonBilly Crudup

Our Rating



Alien original movie series is a classic and cannot be replaced by any newer version, period! Having said that, it does not matter what we try, the newer generations will not understand what Ripley did and how she single handedly changed the perception of machoness from men to women. In this day of age, everything is so politically correct that at times it sickens me but then again that’s how movies are being made now.


Prometheus, prequel to Alien Covenant was much more enjoyable than that Alien Covenant has presented itself with. Banking on the success of Prometheus, Ridley Scott decides to produce the sequel and since he’s been the director to the original Alien movie, he probably wanted to get the magic back or rather get the mojo back. Well, I tell you, he failed!


Without further a do, let’s dig into what I liked and didn’t like about this movie.

What I liked

  • Creepiness level was at par if not beyond the original series. The sudden attacks by Alien and spookiness of the pathways when they are heading into a cave or anywhere was well crafted.
  • The female lead is what comes as a surprise because she doesn’t seem like an kick-ass hero everyone was hoping for but turned out to be a serious badass when the time comes.
  • Michael Fassbender plays his role really well of a humanoid (Robot with human body & characteristics) with dual personality.
  • CGI was impressive given that everything can be done on computers rather than creating props.


What I didn’t like

  • The story has major loopholes which goes on without telling why is it happening or what happened which led to the situation we are watching. The Creators, who were the main theme in Prometheus were left out. Their side of the story was completely ignored. Maybe the producers are thinking of a separate spinoff for them but then again that would not be right.
  • Underdeveloped characters was another issue we can see in the movie where roles of everyone are not really defined. They are there just because they were required to die a gory death in order to create more drama.
  • Link with the later original Alien series is weak but I am expecting a reboot in near future.



Overall it is a decent watch but being a fan of original Alien series, this is alright. Nothing to write home about but it leaves a taste in the mouth of wanting more. I am however was impressed with Prometheus which actually surpasses this one by a larger margin. Do watch it as I know you would like to connect the dots of where Prometheus left off.




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