[Review] The Mummy (2017) – What a waste of a movie!

Director:  Alex Kurtzman

Cast:  Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle WallisRussell Crowe

Our Rating:




I suspected it after watching multiple trailers of the movie but what I didn’t expect was that it was going to be such a massive pile of crap in the name of a remake. Honestly, every single person who has grown up watching “The Mummy” series starring Brendan Fraser will agree that despite a strong star cast and over the top CGI, the latest Mummy just could not cut through the predecessor’s anchored classic feat.


It is very simple and I have mentioned during my multiple reviews that making a reboot is not the task but making a better reboot is what is required. Despite the advancements of technology, one just cannot replace old school acting skills and storytelling. Having a big cast also does not mean that movie is going to be a blockbuster as we have witnessed numerous examples of over the top casting and budgets and still the movies goes down the drain.


Without wasting any time, let’s review what I liked and didn’t like about the movie.

What I liked

  • Sofia Boutella is an intense actress filled with emotions and knows how to express any dialog. The director’s shouldn’t have covered her up with so much makeup and she would have made the movie slightly better to watch.
  • Russell Crowe is another actor wasted in the movie, whereas his story and character could’ve been exploited more to intensify the storyline for future sequels.
  • The ending was beautiful… I mean that’s when the credits starts rolling and I could take a sigh of relief from this load of crap called “The Mummy”


What I didn’t like

  • I hated the movie, Tom Cruise in it, the story line… hence everything about this movie. This was such a pain for me to sit through 2 hours of bullshit. Like WTF was the director and studio thinking. Were they trying to ride on the success of the previous franchise which seems to be the case here.
  • Tom Cruise looked tired and forced for playing the part. He looked disinterested but since the money was good, he had to play the role. Looked more like he was trying to get into his Mission Impossible avatar.




Wait for the BluRay release in about 2-3 month’s time. I have just saved you some money but most of all, I have saved to the agony of watching this in IMAX.


3 thoughts on “[Review] The Mummy (2017) – What a waste of a movie!

  1. Thank you! I was searching all night about a review of this movie because all my friends were constantly telling me not to watch it because, as you said, “It is a waste of money and time”.



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