[Book Review] “Cut” (Marc Raabe) – Delivers on Promise!

marc raabe

Author: Marc Raabe

Genre: Crime Thriller / Murder Mystery

Year of Publication: 2016

ISBN: 1786580071 (ISBN13: 9781786580078)

Pages: 484


Gabrielle Naumann was 11 years old when he witnessed something horrible; something which shattered his whole world, leaving him alone and lost in the entire world. Decades later, when he is finally trying to attempt a normal life, it all comes back to haunt him with a ferocity not meant to be dealt with by mortals. His girlfriend, Liz is kidnapped by someone who knows more about Gabrielle’s life than he does himself.

Gabrielle’s brother, David Naumann who was stuck in his own troubles, gets pulled into the whole mess when he doesn’t even know if Gabrielle is still alive or not.

A series of torturous events and fatal circumstances take the principal characters through a battle with inner and outer demons; a battle they are least equipped to fight.

Our Rating



One of those thrillers that provoke you to give a 4 star rating just because of their ability to make you keep turning the pages; the type where you are forced to give your brain a break and just let yourself flow in the ebbs and flow of the narrative. Though the logical bug within you keeps on pointing out loopholes in the story, yet you end up giving it a high rating just because you had fun while reading it.

It keeps on defying your belief that you have predicted the next twist

To be precise, “Cut” by Marc Raabe, is not a ground-breaking book by any means. It is just what it is on the face value; an engaging serial killer thriller with an ability to keep you in shadows for a long time. It occasionally allows you to have the egoistic belief that you have figured out the mystery long before it is revealed in the book. But the feeling is short lived as the book soon punches you right in the gut with a twist which, though is in-line with your prediction, yet carries a dimension which you hadn’t thought of.

Yes, the ending is quite devoid of the action which a user starts anticipating after the multi-dimensional twists…and yes, there are episodes where you almost smirk on the ease with which the characters are able to take inhumane and unthinkable actions. Though, this might serve as a deterrent on the logical side, yet it speaks volumes about the author’s ability to manipulate the reader’s mind with twists which sound naive yet keep the reader engrossed due to their bitter, crude and brutal nature.

The crudeness and the violent nature of the narrative gives it a stamp of authenticity

The crudeness of violence might become heavier than what a few can digest and this definitely plays to advantage of the book, as sugar coating would’ve spoiled all the excitement, and that excitement is the sole reason why the book actually works.

The characters are shady, but eventually are able to explain the rationale behind their absurdity. The lead character (Gabriel) and his dear ones (David and Liz) are what you might call, your stereotype protagonists of a thriller, but its the antagonist (Val) whose viciousness actually raises the bar; you despise him to the core and even when you start feeling a surge of sympathy towards his character, the book makes it clear that there is no room for softer feelings for him, as he is in true sense what the title page of the book describes as “some men are born evil”!

Final Word

To sum it up…the book doesn’t have anything new to offer to its readers. Such stories have been told many times in many different avatars. But to its credit, the book never claims to offer any ground-breaking stuff. It promises thrill and entertainment and that’s what it gives aplenty.


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