[Book Review] “The Whistler” (John Grisham) – The worst a Fan can get!


Author: John Grisham

Genre: Legal Thriller

Year of Publication: 2016

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0385541198 (ISBN13: 9780385541190)


Lacy Stoltz; a lawyer by education and an investigator for the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct, receives a call from a man who is representing an anonymous Whistle Blower. A well reputed judge has been reported to be connected with organized crime. A Mafia leaders has maneuvered to become a Casino Tycoon by capitalizing on social delicacies of an Indian tribe named Tappacola. When Lacy, along with her partner Hugo Hatch goes into the investigation, she finds it out to be the biggest and most significant case of her life. With FBI involved in the process, the financial corruption gets fortified by Capital Murder.

“And it’s often the one you trust the most who’ll cut your throat for the right price.”  – John Grisham (quoted from “The Whistler”)

 Our Rating



There was a time when a new book by Grisham used to be an anticipated event for me. It was “A Time to Kill” which hooked me up and then one after another, his books kept on strengthening my love for his writing. Looking forward to his new books and finishing them within a couple of days became a habit.

Old habits die hard, and I wish the habit of reading Grisham had died much earlier and much easier as it would’ve saved me from the agony of reading this latest sorry excuse of a legal thriller called “The Whistler”; A legal thriller that has absolutely no thrill whatsoever.

This turns out to be the worst book ever written by Grisham

Its not that I was caught unaware. From last few years, every next Grisham book increased my reluctance to remain in his fan base. But I never anticipated a fall as steep as this…this book is not only the worst book by Grisham … but is definitely the worst reading experience in at least 50 books that I have read.

The book keeps on trying to convince us that the antagonist and his gang is viscous beyond our comprehension. But as the things unfold, it turned out to be no more dangerous than a group of neighborhood thugs. The convenience with which their schemes and scams are unraveled by the FBI; the comfort with which every bad guy is captured makes this look like one of those “Hardy Boys” type of stories written for teenagers. The only difference is that “Hardy Boys” were entertaining for its target audience. “The Whistler” on the contrary is extremely dull, boring and the most shallow book any author could dare to present to his grown up fans.

It took the longest time I’ve ever required to finish a book!

Even if I try (and I actually have really tried best) I can not find a single positive in this book. The characters are as shallow as curry in a flat plate; the story is as uni-dimensional as a narrow one way street and the narrative is as boring as a the word “boring” itself.

The testimony of how involved I as in this book is the embarrassing fact that it took 3 sitting for me to finish the epilogue of the book. Those who have not yet offered themselves for the torture of reading this book, should know that the epilogue spans no more than 10 pages. So an addicted reader like me, who also happens to be an old fan of the author, could only manage 3.33 pages per sitting. That’s how interested I was in the book; that’s how engaging it was.

Final Word

To sum it up…I have not even tried to write a decent review of this book, cuz reading such bad stuff for so many days makes it impossible to write something good.

Word of advice; even if you have been a Grisham fan from the first day of your life; even if you think you are patient enough to read the worst book ever … even then … STAY AWAY FROM THIS. You will end up insulting your intellect by reading this.


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