[Review] Mine – Another 127 Hours wannabe!

Director:  Fabio Guaglione, Fabio Resinaro

Cast:  Armie Hammer, Annabelle Wallis, Tom Cullen 

Our Rating



Why do Hollywood filmmakers think that any movie with a military theme and a stranded soldier would be a big hit with the viewers? Seriously, I fail to understand the sudden influx or more like infatuation a loner theme thought to be winning formula for filmmakers. Of course military based movies are awesome to watch with realistic settings and dramatization but then again, not all are great or some are not even good enough to give time to. Mine (movie) is also one of those examples.

I will keep this review short as honestly I felt like I was betrayed by the trailer and there are so many loopholes or rather plotholes in the movie that entire purpose of feeling for the stranded soldier is vanished by the time you reach the conclusion. Here’s what I liked about the movie followed by the flaws what makes it unbearable after some time.


What I liked:

  • The non-agenda pushing theme – the movie is set in recent war era but the theme is not about terrorists or a country but rather about the main character and his struggles
  • There are no elaborated fireworks – there are some but just enough to keep the viewer going and not interfering with the storyline
  • Tom Cullen – he was way better in acting than Armie Hammer, who played the lead role
  • The desert wolves – they were perfect in their roles portraying the mean beast that they are. I loved the one who bit our hero – that bite was intense, it deserves at least an Oscar nomination


What I didn’t like:

  • Armie Hammer – on a very serious note, he was not suitable for the role at all. He doesn’t possess the emotional range this role demanded and most of the time I felt like he was struggling to act rather than struggling to stay alive. He was okay playing twins in “The Social Network” but this was out of his league.
  • The factual errors – a sniper sitting at a distance of 1700 meters, that’s 1.7 Kilometers or just a little over a mile is spotted through reflection of his scope. Then the terrorists are trying to shot them down with an AK47. This is some serious f**ked up scenario and I’d blame it on the writers for not doing their research.
  • More factual errors or rather stupidity of the hero – I have seen countless times that when a mine is triggered or stepped on, the soldiers are trained to inspect what kind of mine that is in order to gauge their chances of survival if they tried to diffuse it or get away from it. Well, our hero here doesn’t even bother to have a look at it and what happens in the end will have you cursing him.
  • Even more factual errors – just one guy had GPS on him, why? Didn’t they think of a backup GPS unit? Also, the hero had a smartphone which has a built in GPS so he could’ve guided his rescuers to an exact location. Seriously man, I use the GPS in my phone regularly but this was seriously stupid stuff.
  • No matter where American soldiers go, local people know how to speak english and kids are pretty good at it too… *facepalm*



Stupid movie which had a better trailer than the movie itself. You already know the end just like all other happy ending Hollywood movies but this one is just not cut out for watching and giving your precious time to it. Avoid and watch some Adam Sandler movie instead!


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