[Review] Colossal – An unusual original comedic masterpiece

Director: Nacho Vigalondo

Cast:  Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis, Austin Stowell

Our Rating



I have been quiet critical of not having enough comedy movies around and the ones we have are not really up to the mark. Well, Colossal is not one of those stereotypical comedy movies you find coming around everyday and once you watch, you would just want to probably watch it again, just to kicks and giggles.

Anne Hathaway is a beautiful person and an actor who awed us with her performances in Intersteller, Devil Wears Prada, Les Miserables and many more. She has so much versatility in her acting that it doesn’t matter what roles she’s playing as it comes naturally to her. She has grown more mature and more in control in the movies we see now as compared to the ones she starred a few years ago.


Jason Sudeikis is the other lead in Colossal and I loved his role. For me he is an underrated actor who has been stuck in the typecasting of being a comedic actor. His ability to transform from a comic scene to a more serious (read: sinister) person can visibly be seen in this movie.

Moving on to the story, which is unusual, a mix of sci-fi and drama from our daily lives. It is about Gloria, who has recently broken up, rather dumped by, her boyfriend and decides to move back to her hometown in order to gather herself and start fresh. She’s a party girl who doesn’t have any work but loves to drink and have fun. This lead her to the disasters in her relationships, ending up back where she started. She’s pretty much broke but incidentally she meets up with Oscar, her childhood friend, who offers her help and gives her work in his bar. Now the fun part, at the same time when she’s wasted, a giant creature appears in Seoul Korea and starts destroying the city. She wakes up and takes it as a general story only to connect dots later that she’s connected to the monster and its actions. Once the realization hits, she confides in her friends (Oscar and others) and this is where the fun begins.


Oscar, Gloria’s childhood friend also has his own issues to take care of. This where Jason Sudeikis shines. He is good and trust me that he has a potential to churn out an Oscars worthy performance if given the right roles. His trust, love and then jealousy towards Gloria is played perfectly by him. There are no mushy holdbacks but more like what would happen in real life between two people.


The story is unusual, linking monsters in Korea to a person in USA but everything is explained towards the end as to how and why it all happened. The setting of the movie is shown in a small suburban area and introduction of actors is kept to the main leads, which is good for the movie as one doesn’t have to wander around trying to understand everyone’s story. The CGI is on point and if you think that there will be a lot of monster action then there isn’t much as primarily the movie is about the ups and downs of Gloria and how she overcomes her own demons.



A good movie to watch with above average clean comedy and very well balanced script. Some might not like it if they are expecting a slap stick comedy approach as this is not one of them (sorry Adam Sandler fans).


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