[Review] Get Out – This could happen to you… beware!

Director: Jordan Peele

Cast:  Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley WhitfordCatherine Keener

Our Rating



Alfred Hitchcock has been dubbed as the best thriller story teller of the last century and after his passing, filmmakers knew how to make a thriller movie. For me, “Shining” starring Jack Nicholson is at the same level as Alfred Hitchcock where the minimal cast creates the biggest impact. We are not talking about the “handycam” movies like Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity as they define an entirely new genre of filmmaking.

By definition, a thriller movie is not actually a horror movie as it does not contain the gore and element of surprise by evil beings. It is a movie where the storytelling is so intense and dramatic that one keeps guessing what will happen next. The environment where the film is shot plays a major role in creating a thriller movie, for example, had “The Shining” been shot in an urban home, it would not create that impact of loneliness and crazy thoughts which came out while living in a vacated hotel with only one family. thriller movies do scare the shit out of you but not in a gory way but in a way that you’re just shit scared and think about the realism of this happening to you in real life.


Talking about the movie, it is about a black dude Chris, played by Daniel Kaluuya who is in a relationship with a white girl Rose, played by Allison Williams. They are living together in city and decide to go to meet the girl’s parents, who live in small town far from city. Well the first shocker comes in when the girl brings her boyfriend to her parent’s house and they are surprised to see that he’s black. Although it seems like they are okay with it but her brother cannot really hide his own emotions. Rose’s mother is a psychologist and have expertise in hypnosis. Taking the family as a normal one and after much assurance by Rose that everything is fine, Chris feels that he might be wrong. Well, he sure was… in believing what Rose was saying. During his stay he encounters multiple strange incidents like the housemaid is a black woman, the gardner is a black dude and when they have a party where other friends and family come in, there is only one black dude who also acts like he’s white.


Chris has a friend back in the city, who works for TSA and he’s been telling him not to date this chick as he didn’t get good vibes from her. Well, he plays a prominent role to and you’d find out when you watch the movie. He’s also the comedic segment of the movie (just to wear off that fear you may develop). Now the question was, should Chris investigate on what was going on and after encountering multiple strange incidents or should he just shrug it off and get jiggy with his girlfriend. Well, you’ve seen the trailer and would understand that he just cannot stay away from trying to find out what was going on.


On the acting front, everyone played their role very well and for me there was nothing negative about how they acted. The storyline is compelling and it is very well shot as well. You may feel like there is some lacking of what was happening and why was the family doing what it was doing but everything will be explained towards the end of the movie. Moreover, you are in for a surprise as I was too when towards the end I found out what has actually happened to the other black people.



A great watch through the clutter of modern day thriller and horror movies. I simple loved it due to it naturalism and being closer to reality. This could happen to you… beware! Next time when someone is stirring tea, I’d want to get out of there too!!



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