[Review] Sandy Wexler – Adam Sandler should retire now

Director:  Steven Brill

Cast:  Adam Sandler, Jennifer Hudson, Kevin James & usual Adam Sandler buddies

Our Rating



Adam Sandler, like Ben Stiller, is known to be one of the biggest comedy geniuses around Hollywood for the good part of last 20+ years. He made his mark with classics like MIlly Madison, The Waterboy & Big Daddy. His multi talented acting skills in creating a new character altogether was second to none. This was until he started spiralling down to the old “recycled characters” issue. He did have some uniqueness about his roles but then again till how long would the audience like to see a grown man playing a childlike or a teenager like roles. Adam is over 50 now and he’s out of characters to play. It is about time that he says goodbye to his decent acting career as it was good while it lasted.


Adam is also known to be a great friend who has always helped out his close friends breaking into Hollywood and also launched them through his own movies as well. Unfortunately for him or his friends, their careers also could not flourish as they would like it to be. Having said that, Adam struck a four movie deal with Netflix in 2014, which is now renewed again in 2017 for another 4 movies. Maybe Netflix wants to cash on his already flopping career and no harm in making some extra money for Adam. Also when he’s not actively on screen then he is behind the scenes in voice overs for multiple animated characters, most famously “Dracula” in Hotel Transylvania series.


Enough about him and more about the movie in review. Sandy Wexler is a non-funny, recycled characters movie with a story loosely based on Adam’s own agent rather more like a parody. Based in 1994, Wexler is a struggling celebrity agent who makes false promises to the newbies and tries to get a real star on board. He is juggling between his clients and is not really liked by most celebrities. One day he discovers a singer Courtney Clark (Jennifer Hudson) in an amusement park and instantly falls in love with her talent (and to an extent with her too). He persuades her to come on board and makes every possible effort to get her an audition, he does and she’s an instant hit. Moving on in the movie he tries to hold his feelings for her and she rises to fame but never forgetting what he has done for her. Of course there is a happy ending to it and why would we think otherwise, it’s an Adam Sandler movie after all.


Apart from the lead characters of Sandy Wexler and Courtney Clark, there is a mass of celebrities who are shown telling stories about Wexler on an event in present day. One does feel like maybe it’s his funeral but incidentally it’s not. Well, you can watch the movie to find that out. Then there are other characters, Wexler’s clients, played by Kevin James, Terry Crews & Jackie Sandler (Adam’s real life wife). They all have a pretty good role in making jokes and portraying what it was like in the 90’s for a struggling artist. I especially loved Kevin James playing a bad ventriloquist. He was actually funny, unlike what Adam tries to do with his own role.


The movie overall is alright, nothing to write home about. It is not a an out and about laughter fit flick and certainly not an Adam Sandler’s average movies, which people might think.

I felt his role was a mix of Bobby Jr. from “The Waterboy”, Nicky from “Little Nicky & Zohan from “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan”. Had didn’t have alter his speech in order to portray a looser character. He could have easily changed his mannerism to slightly mellow and it would have worked. Well, the filmmakers and he knows what’s best, I’m just an audience and reviewer. Jennifer Hudson was pitch perfect in her acting and of course she sounds amazing when she sings. That woman has got some serious talent and skill for acting. She should consider more serious roles in future.



Overall, it is a long movie with slight comedy in it. Nothing something Netflix has been able to achieve so far. They should consider getting more writers who can actually write a funnier story and dialogues. Maybe it also had to do with Adam being an influence on how the dialogues are written.

Lastly, younger audience might like it more because the actual Sandler’s hits are probably older than their age but someone like me who’s grown up watching Adam Sandler at his best was disappointed. Let’s wait and see how next movies turn up as first “The Ridiculous 6″, then ‘The Do-over” and now “Sandy Wexler” has not been able to impress me or taken me back to the classic Adam Sandler comedy era.


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