[Review] The Fate of the Furious – Running out of ideas…WTF

Director:  F. Gary Gray

Cast:  Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Dwayne JohnsonMichelle RodriguezCharlize Theron

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Fast & Furious franchise has minted money for anyone who has been associated with it for the last 17 years and truly it has been a roller coaster ride. With the unfortunate death of Paul Walker, it seemed like the franchise was in dwindles but introduction of Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock actually saved the day. Coming over now, with the eighth installment of the franchise, it seems to be closer to calling it a day. I originally gave it a 2 star but then the action was pretty good so it earned another one star for itself.


The story, as we have already seen and now pretty much know through other reviews and spoilers online, is about “Family”. Seriously, Vin Diesel has overused this word so much that I am thinking about renaming it for usage. Having said that, the meaning of family totally changes in F8. It now only means close blood relatives for Dom and probably, for selfish reasons, others take it as someone who can be blamed for all the shit that has happened in their lives. Then there has to be a villain who is so twisted that even the writer doesn’t know what to do with him/her.


Let me explain a bit, without any spoilers.

The story is about Dom (of course Vin Diesel) being forced to go rogue on his “family” and join hands with a very hot villainous “Cipher” (Charlize Theron) and she uses him to get what she wants. Now this is the part where everyone is confused as to why Dom did what he did after preaching “family first” for the last seven movies. The answer is simple, maybe “Cipher” has something more on Dom for which he said “f*** family” and went with her. Watch the movie to find out.


Now first, the worthy points for watching the movie:

  • The action sequences are over the top and are better than the previous installments
  • Cars destroyed are some of the best in class and one does feel “car cruelty” being done
  • The Rock is bigger and badder with plenty of ass-whooping scenes
  • The surprise is Jason Statham, who actually has a bigger role with some pretty amazing action scenes and funny one liners
  • Charlize Theron is altogether is a believable psycho & cold hearted bitchy villain and does terrific in her role
  • Kurt Russell


Moving over to what doesn’t work for the movie anymore:

  • Dom looks tired and looks like he wants to get out of this franchise but the money is too good
  • Michelle Rodriguez cannot find any other movie and producers cannot find her replacement so have to stick to her bad acting
  • Tyrese Gibson is only kept to have a clown amongst themselves to make racist jokes
  • Hacking into a network with real time step by step graphical interface is so 1995. It was good in “Hackers” but it’s time they move out of this
  • A lot of explanation is required for “how did they do it” or more like “how that f*** that is even possible?”
  • Too much destruction and no accountability or follow-up by law enforcement
  • Stop buying auto-driving cars or “networked” cars as they are easily hacked into by villains (sorry that was a slight spoiler)
  • Lastly, which should have been the first, is the completely ridiculous storyline as they do look like running out of ideas.



Honestly, I am a big F&F fan and have been following them since the first one came out and changed the action genre altogether. But now I am disappointed. It’s not bad for a one time flick to watch and go home but nothing to remember it by. No dialogues are worth remembering or scenes keeping the fans talking about. It’s an over the top action movie with tons of action but no substantial story to have. The end seemed rushed and one can pretty much predict what is happening, except for the “family” which was running like crazy till the end only to realize that they could’ve saved Dom earlier had he trusted any of them, which he never did and said f*** family when faced with a dilemma. So, go and watch it, enjoy the action and leave your mind at home as you won’t need to understand what is going on.



5 thoughts on “[Review] The Fate of the Furious – Running out of ideas…WTF

  1. I have to agree with you. It was not a bad film, but I just felt there was something missing in this latest installment. I don’t know what they gave in store for us in parts 9 and 10, but it would have to be something pretty amazing to make it interesting. Great review by the way 😊

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    1. Thanks for your appreciation and you’re right. But I also felt like they rushed the story overall just to have it come out. There were loopholes all over which they tried to cover up with massive cars pile up.

      I also think they should loose Tyrese Gibson in future installments. He’s being wasted.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, agreed. The action sequences were definitely fun for this one, but in the end the story simply was not good enough to make this as much fun as the previous films. As for Tyrese, well he did still manage to give me a couple of laughs in this one, so hopefully they are going to give him a somewhat bigger part for the next one 😊

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