[Review] Leap! (aka Ballerina) – A predictable tale & a boring movie

Director: Eric SummerÉric Warin

Cast (Voices):  Elle Fanning, Carly Rae Jepsen, Maddie Ziegler

Our Rating



Why is it that movies for kids are often made with a lead character either broke, or orphan & broke or orphan, broke but with an immense hidden talent not one recognizes and one fine day with a twist of fate that character wins over everyone. Yes, these type of movies have been coming out for ages but what purpose do they serve? Do these filmmakers want to establish that only poor and underprivileged can do better in life than those who are born in better families? There is always an underlying moral of the story is to be strong and committed and you will achieve your goal and that is perfectly fine but having to see that almost always orphans are treated badly in the care homes and they flee the place to live their dream (by any means possible including lying and stealing). In my opinion, these stories are only made for winning over the sentimental audience and children and to get some awards.


Leap! or Ballerina (as original title) is a similar tale set in the 1800’s  in France, when Eifel Tower was being built and USA had not received the statue of liberty yet, of Felicie Milliner, an orphan living in a church with other orphans and has dream of becoming a ballerina. It’s all good here but the depiction of how there are only two people taking care of all these kids is almost ridiculous. Moreover, there are no other children in sight and yet the amount of crockery being used for food is insane. Moving on, there are so many loopholes in this movie that it’s not even funny (so was the movie itself).


Felicie has always had a dream of becoming a ballerina and she’s been practicing the same since childhood. Okay stop here! How did she get the lessons as she was orphaned at a very early age… let’s not get into that. She also has a male friend (Victor) who is obviously always trying to help her and taking care of her tantrums. He’s the one who gets her out of the church/orphan house. Victor has his own ambition and that is to create wings so that humans can fly. They both run away and hop a train to Paris where Felicie starts search of where to go and during the search she ends up at Royal theater and sees a glimpse of a dancer performing ballet. Then she’s caught by the guard and saved by a worker whom she follows home ending up staying with her. The house is owned by a crooked lady who is very cruel to the workers and wants her daughter to play the lead part in an upcoming Ballet. Well you can pretty much imagine how this Cinderella tale would move forward.


It is not that I am against these type of movies but since these movies have absolutely nothing new to offer therefore they are just run of the mill forgettable stories. There is no over the the top graphics or animations or sequences which can differentiate it from others but a standard story about a poor soul’s struggle to live her dream and she eventually does.



Nothing special in it but maybe small children and girls may strike a cord with it. It is a predictable story and shows that everyone is cruel to poor people and only those will help who are either poor themselves or have higher moral grounds. Other than those, everyone else is a moron and selfish person. Sorry but I had higher hopes with this movie and it just did deliver what was expected from trailers. What are we teaching the children that stealing and then lying in order to achieve your dreams is alright like how Felicie did by stealing the invite meant for the other girl who had been practicing all her life for the lead role. Then on top of that she assumed the identity of someone else to get into the training course. This is absolutely not what I would want kids to see and get ideas from. My verdict, keep your kids steer clear from this movie!!


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