[Review] KONG: Skull Island – Now that’s one Kick-Ass King Kong

Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Cast:  Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie LarsonJohn GoodmanJohn C. Reilly

Our Rating



Gone are the days when Godzilla and King Kong were considered enemy of the state or rather humans. We have witnessed in recent year a shift in narrative of how these monsters were perceived and how writers are now moving away from the old legends. It all started with Alien Vs. Predator, which has been dubbed as the worst Alien/Predator movie of all time but it gave us a glimmer of hope that Predator actually doesn’t want to hurt us unless provoked.  Then came the new Godzilla movie in which Godzilla saved humans from another spider-like monster, unearthed during a scientific experiment. Now is the time to shed new light of who King Kong is and why is it the most bad-ass larger than life Gorilla we have always loved (and scared of).


Set up in the 70’s after Vietnam war, a group of scientists (John Goodman) persuades US government congressman to allow them to explore a newly discovered island where the legend tells about monsters living in. Though it was a far fetched idea but congressman only grants their wish when he’s told that Russians will have that info in 3 days and they can be the first ones there ruining USA’s chances to take the lead. This was the time when this argument would actually hold true as US & Russia were already in technological battle trying to one up each other.


Moving on, these scientist assemble a team and piggy back the ride with US military who was preparing to return home. Headed by Col. Preston Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) and guided by James Conard (Tom Hiddleston), all of them get on board military helicopters (10 copters) armed with heavy duty ammo, in order to tackle any hostiles. Their plan was to do precision drop of small scale bombs in order to check earth activity there but the actual plan was to flush out the monster within that island (only Goodman knew this). Well their luck, they get Kong’s attention and everything goes haywire. Kong kicks their ass and sends them to oblivion with only a handful of them surviving (those who mattered in the story).


They also discover local humans living there but to their surprise, they find a US pilot who had been stranded there since WW2 when he crashed landed (the movie starts with him crashing there). Well, he tells them that Kong is on their side but there are other creatures who want to kill Kong and them and it is protecting them from those creatures. Rest you can pretty much imagine how it would’ve gone. We also get to hear the backstory of Kong and his family and what happened to them (teary!!)


The overall movie is pretty good to watch with ample action and little loopholes. Acting wise I’d say Samuel L. Jackson was the best of the lot. I could almost see him as saying “There are motherf***in’ monsters on the motherf***in’ island” (remember Snakes on the Plane). Tom Hiddleston is the guide and does a decent job acting out as normal person along with Brie Larson, who plays a war photographer (too hot to be just a photographer). John C. Reilly plays that stranded pilot and some of the best punchlines are delivered by him.


The action is amazing, beautifully shot (rather created) and goes hand-in-hand with the thrill you’d expect to come next. The level of details on the island is amazing and better to watch in 3D if you can still catch it in cinemas near you as 2D experience is pretty amazing but 3D is a treat to watch. The 70’s setting is perfect and shows off in the movie accordingly. Yes, there are some loopholes in the movie but when you’re watching the movie as a movie, you would just ignore them.


Kong is new King of the Jungle as not only it is bad-ass motherf***er but also has brains. You might be wondering that if the story has changed then where is the damsel in distress we’ve all grown up hearing about. Well, this is precisely why Brie Larson is in the movie, otherwise they could have gotten anyone to play a photographer.

A highly recommended movie especially for kids because they need to learn that all large animals are not monsters and never to disrespect anyone’s territory (which could also be a lesson to US Govt. for stop invading the world for pleasure).



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