[TV Show Review] 13 Reasons Why – Heart Breaking Story of Secret Love & Betrayal

Creator:  Brian Yorkey

Cast:  Katherine Langford, Dylan MinnetteChristian Navarro

Based on the book by: Jay Asher

Our Rating




You must be wondering why I keep on reviewing Netflix shows more than any other producers? The reason is simple that Netflix has raised the bar so high with their unconventional approach towards making TV shows that it’s almost inspirational. Touching the subjects of every age and gender and defining the issues of our daily lives is what I love about their TV shows. Keeping out the sci-fi and superheroes stuff, Netflix has taken an immense lead over conventional TV channels.

13 Reasons Why is a perfect example of such TV shows which touch your heart. Trust me when I tell you that we’ve all been there where these characters are. Maybe not in the same circumstances but being in high school, running with emotional high and heartaches of being a teenager. Trying to find the purpose of life and wondering why the world is so cruel to them.


Based on the book of the same name written by Jay Asher in 2007, the story is about a teenage high school girl Hannah (Katherine Langford) who commits suicide and leaves her story on tapes (audio cassettes) for Clay (Dylan Minnette) to solve the mystery behind her suicide. Hannah is Clay’s crush but he is too shy to express his feelings until it’s too late. The mystery revolves around multiple characters who Hannah describes are the reasons behind her suicide. Each tape is for each character which comes in every episode. Clay has to find out what each of them did and figure out if what they did was the tipping point of Hannah’s demise.


Honestly, when I started watching it, I was a bit skeptical I generally don’t indulge into teen mellow dramas but after ignoring it for some time, I decided to start watching it and haven’t been able to stop every since. Each episode is well crafted and exquisitely executed. Of course there are loopholes but you get to ignore them once you immerse yourself into it. The buildup of the story is gradual but after the second episode, you will be hooked on to it.


The acting of everyone is true to life and I absolutely loved both leading characters, Hannah and Clay. Katherine and Dylan played their roles to perfection. Hannah is a troubled teenage girl, who moved to a new town and new school and is going through the rough patch of making new friends, dealing with bullies and rumors about her. Clay is the one whom Hannah chose to find out what happened to her which resulted in her letting go of her life.


The character building of every person is immaculately handled and not even once you will see any character being mysterious, except for one and that is of Tony (Christian Navarro). His role in the entire show remains a mystery but there is a reveal and you’d have to watch for it.


This is a brilliant show which must not be missed and should be written down as one of the most intense shows in 2017.  I am already looking out for a second season.


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