[Review] The Assignment (2017) – WTF did I just watch?

Director: Walter Hill

Cast:  Michelle Rodriguez, Sigourney Weaver, Tony Shalhoub

Our Rating



The world is changing and so is how Hollywood makes movies. What would you expect from a movie with a star cast like Michelle Rodriguez, Sigourney Weaver & Tony Shalhoub? I would not expect anything less than a thrilling action packed blockbuster redefining feminism as kick-ass women coming together to kick some more ass. With a history of amazing movies under their belt, both females have a cult following who want to see them in more action packed movies. However, this is not one of those moment fans were waiting for.


The Synopsis of the movie is very simply as “An assassin wakes up to witness that he has been turned into a she. He, who is now a she, then goes on a rampage to find the doctor who cut off his balls.”

Please do not think that it is a joke because it’s not and that is what happens in the movie. The movie starts with Dr. Rachel Kay (Sigourney Weaver) being interviewed by Dr. Ralph Galen (Tony Shalhoub) in a psychiatric institute. She starts telling a story (flashbacks) about an assassin Frank (Michelle Rodriguez) who had killed everyone in Dr. Rachel’s illegal surgical clinic. Dr. Rachel specialized in plastic surgery and gender reassignment surgery. She is being investigated for killing everyone and being a psycho. In her case, no one believes her as there was no evidence of Frank being every there and killing everyone. This is where she starts to tell what happened to Frank.


Frank was a gun for hire and he is lives alone in dingy motels… no surprises here as we have not seen any assassin living a high life no matter how much they earn. Except for Sylvester Stallone in “Assassins”. Well Frank is a medium built person with a rather large dick (oh yes they show his dick in a full frontal mode on). He also has oddly shaped facial hair. Anyway, Frank takes up a job but his employer double crosses him, leaving Frank beaten up and unconscious. When Frank wakes up, he is no more a he but a she. Now this is the part where you get to see a completely naked Michelle Rodriguez. Seriously, this woman has an amazing toned up body. The director made sure that all angles are covered and there shouldn’t be anything left to imagination.


This point onwards, Frank gets to know what happened to him and in order to find out why, he starts his journey. Rest is pretty much you can imagine with major gun battles, blood and gore and finally the revenge part.

Come to think of it, this movie has a decent underline story with classic revenge tale but how it was told was very far from reality. The writers have tried to cover their bases with dialogues like “I am exceptionally good with my hands” when Dr. Rachel is explaining why there are were no scars on Frank’s body after the operation. Also mentioning that medication is a must for gender reassignment to fully set in (would Frank grow his dick back if he stops taking the meds?).



Watch it if you want to see Michelle Rodriguez full frontal nude otherwise just use the internet and find photos. This movie has nothing special in it. No award winning performances, no over the top action sequences and most of all, a very disturbing story & execution. Once the movie was over, I was not just disappointed but also had shattered images of Michelle in my mind. She is not the same to me any more. For those who are calling it a cult classic are very wierd people with issues in their lives.


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