[Review] Resident Evil The Final Chapter – Is it really over… I don’t think so!

Director: Paul W.S. Anderson

Cast:  Milla Jovovich, Iain Glen, Ali Larter

Our Rating



How do you make money of a video game and juice it to a level where you just don’t care about the story anymore? Well, I say you make Resident Evil movies. Grossing over $1.2 Billion in the last 15 years, making Milla Jovovich a household name and a very rich lady, Resident Evil is like Underworld, which just won’t die. Although the last 2 movies made more money than the first five combined, its seemingly has reached the conclusion… or has it?


This review will not be a very long one as there’s nothing much to say about Resident Evil movies. You already knows what has been happening and it so happens that every time you watch it, it looks like the end but it’s not. I have started to feel that Sony Pictures does not want it to end and every two years an intern pops up with a new story and Sony decides to make it. More so, I also felt that the producers were actually recycling old footage and effects to create a new one. With a $40 Million budget, the movie made over $300 Million worldwide and nothing else could be more profitable for Sony.


The Story starts from where the previous one ended … and actually don’t remember where that ended but it seems like Alice was still hunting down Zombies and now there are some new variants as well, like flying dragon like things. Anyway, she is not going back to where it all began, the core of Umbrella Corp. as she is guided by the Evil computer simulation to go and find the antidote in order to kill all Zombies. Well so to speak, she does some Karate chops and bang bang with guns and makes her way but she’s also then captured by Umbrella Corp. and then she is free again and meets up with her old love Ali Larter.


The interesting part of the entire movie was to tell the audience who Alice really was and it was interesting to know. She was created in the vision of the original Alice who is majority shareholder in Umbrella corp. and also wants to get rid of the T-Virus but unfortunately she is crippled and cannot really work on her own. Therefore, she programs the simulated Alice to help the hero Alice to meet the real Alice and eliminate T-Virus in the process. It’s just too f’ed up.


There are some good CGI and live action sequences which are cool to watch but overall it seemed that they had budget cuts and needed to rush it out.


Watch it for the CGI & some cool action, don’t bother thinking too much about the story, you’ll understand it anyway. It’s a forgettable flick and I am pretty sure there will be another one coming in the next two years. This is the movie which made sinking careers of both Milla & Ali afloat and made them good money to enjoy their old age in. One can also just watch it for Milla Jovovich’s spectacular ass kicking and action sequences. The franchise comes a full circle and many would feel satisfied towards the end of the movie but I’d say that “it ain’t over till its over”.



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