[Book Review] “Redemption Road” (John Hart) – Mystifying Brilliance

redemption - john hart

Author: John Hart

Genre: Crime Fiction / Mystery Thriller

Year of Publication: 2016

Pages: 417

ISBN: 0312380364 (ISBN13: 9780312380366)


Elizabeth, a cop with a troubled past finds herself on cross-road where everything she has ever believed falls under the shadow of doubt. She has to fight beyond the shackles inflicted on her by time and fate to fight for everything and everyone she stands for.

Adrian, an ex-cop who has just completed 13 years of prison for a crime that he might or might not have committed, finds himself confronted by the shadows of a life gone by and threats of further agony lurking over his world out of prison.

Gideon, a young boy who is determined to even scores with a life full of sorrow and pain. Channing, a young girl stuck in sufferings of her own.

This multi-layered crime thriller chronicles the struggles of these 4 characters to redeem themselves and everything that have ever mattered to them. This is a story of hatred, betrayal and last but not the least, Redemption.

“It is in suffering that we are withdrawn from the sway of time and mere things, and find ourselves in the presence of profounder truth.”- John Hart (quoted from “Redemption Road”)

Our Rating



I had almost forgotten what reading a quality book was like. I cant recall the last time I had to fight myself for putting a book down during reading only because my eyes were burning and I had to go to bed. But this book by John Hart brought it all back to me. It reminded me what it means to be sucked into a book so bad that the surroundings in real life become non-existent and all you care for is to know what happens next.

From the first chapter itself, the book hooked me and throughout the 400 plus pages, it didn’t let me go. I was in the book even when I was not reading it.

Hart keeps on teasing the detective within you and hits you with shock after shock.

This was the first time I was reading a book by John Hart and had absolutely no idea what to expect. I picked it off the shelf purely out of instinct and just because I couldn’t find any alternative. After 4 days of unbearable thrill and uncountable twists in the tale, I have to admit that the book has become one of the most cherished occupants of my bookshelf.

What Hart does with the plot and his characters is something lingering on an invigorating assault on the reader’s mind. He keeps on teasing the detective within you and then keeps on hitting you with shocks that rattle whatsoever perceptions your feeble mind develops. You can hardly turn more than 5 pages without being hit hard by another twist in the tale.

You want to skip ahead to find out what happens next but the pages don’t allow you to do so.

There is nothing sweet about this book…its all about bitter and dark instincts; lingering demons from the past and struggle of redemption for each and every character involved in the story. You cant help but feel what every character is feeling; you cant escape their sufferings and you yearn for the mysteries to get resolved. You feel like skipping pages to find out the multi-layered truth behind all that is going wrong… but those pages refuse to turn without being completed. Each page has its own adhesive compulsion to refrain you from skipping it.

Its a collage of inter-dependent incidents backed by rivers of emotions.

Good thrillers always have the capacity to keep you glued, but what makes “Redemption Road” stand out is the brilliance with which the author presents his characters to the reader. Every character suffering a lack of control over what is being inflicted upon his or her life; every character mystified by the decisions he or she make. Its a collage of inter-dependent incidents backed by rivers of emotions.

Final Word

To sum it up, from the first page to the last, this book drains you up in every positive sense. Just like the deeply effected characters, the book punishes its reader for being interested in it; it makes you work hard for getting out of its shackles and once it sets you free…you feel as if you have redeemed yourself along with the lead characters of the book.

This book defines what Redemption is all about. The journey which starts from the first page of the book and winds through orchids full of thorns before reaching the most satisfactory conclusion, indeed proves to be a journey taken on the Road to Redemption.


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