[Review] Marvel’s Iron Fist – Should have been better but it would do for now

Creator: Scott Buck

Cast:  Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick, Jessica StroupRosario DawsonCarrie-Anne Moss

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Marvel is on a roll here! Given the massive explosion of superheroes with their respective & combined movies, it was only a matter of time when new breed of superheroes would come in play. Teaming up with Netflix for the TV series, Marvel started up with reboot of DareDevil followed by Jessica Jones & Luke Cage. Now comes the fourth instrumental character of Marvel’s “The Defenders” team, Iron Fist.


I, personally, was very excited because not just being a fan of ordinary life superheroes but the way Netflix brought the characters to life in it’s TV series. DareDevil was the litmus test for Netflix and Marvel as they did not know to what extent fans will like the new darker DareDevil & they were taken by surprise with the response. Jessica Jones followed next with a hint of Luke Cage (having some coffee with Ms. Jones in the process too). Luke Cage got the fans wanting his own show and they got it. All the three shows prior to Iron Fist were simply amazing. On the contrary I cannot say the same for Iron Fist.


Netflix released the trailer a couple of months earlier building up the suspense and anticipation for the fans but were the fans disappointed, to some extent yes but overall it was a great show to watch. I indulged myself into the occasional binge watching over the weekend and was satisfied with the outcome. The story was strong, gripping and very well acted with some familiar faces from other solo shows. The only problem with the entire season was only one and that was the lead character of Iron Fist. Here are my top 5 issues with Iron Fist character:

  1. Danny Rand, played by Finn Jones, is self obsessed person with a child like behavior who has an ego problem
  2. In the entire season I was tired of hearing him saying “I’m Iron Fist so listen to me”. Not exactly like this but you’d get it if you have or will watch the show
  3. We get it, he’s a billionaire but what billionaire keeps on telling people that he’s a billionaire… oh yeah… Danny Rand aka Iron Fist
  4. Spending his childhood with Monks, training and becoming Iron fist, has absolutely not brought any calmness in his behavior.
  5. His Kung-Fu sucks!


Moving on, the story development is very well paced and all characters are fully understandable after the initial episodes. I personally liked Ward Meachum, perfectly played by Tom Pelphrey. The emotions and realism of his character was striking chords with me. His shrewdness as a businessman and fragility as a friend of Danny was surprisingly very well characterised. The other character was of his sister Joy Meachum played by Jessica Stroup. She is the only person who believes in Danny from start and keeps it that way. 


Talking about villains, there are many and Iron Fist does gets his ass kicked on number of occasions but since he is “The Iron Fist” he cannot be defeated. There were times during the show when I actually wanted his ass-whooping to continue just to teach him a lesson for being so arrogant but that was just me. “The Hand” is the organization which Iron Fist has to defeat in order to fulfill his purpose. It comes out as a well gelled organization which has penetrated into every segment of society. It is lead by Madame Gao, played by Wai Ching Ho. She first appeared in DareDevil and this time around she is fully characterized and exposed. Her persona and mystified link to Rand family along with all superheroes is expected to be explored in future seasons.



Not giving up any spoilers, I recommend you do watch this series now and if not already watched, go through DareDevil (2 seasons), Jessica Jones (1 season) & Luke Cage (1 season) in order to get all characters and understand how they are all interlinked. There are crossovers from some characters in all the shows like Claire Temple, played by Rosario Dawson & Jeri Hogarth, played by Carrie-Ann Moss.

The Defenders, which recently wrapped filming maybe premiering later this year or early next year but until then, the buildup towards superheroes alliance is complete and Marvel has successfully build up another superhero franchise for years to come.



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