[Review] LOGAN – Hugh Jackman immortalized Wolverine

Director:  James Mangold

Cast:  Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen

Our Rating



First and foremost, it is not a mistake that there are 10 stars above in our rating as the extra five stars are for Hugh Jackman for his final portrayal of iconic Wolverine. It took 17 years until this final installment and it was worth all the wait.


Marvel Universe has given us some of the most beloved characters in live action format and have made billions in the process but I would give credit to Deadpool for breaking the norm and coming up with a “R” rated movie. It made all the difference. Audience showed that they do not want to see a mushy mushy all good non-swearing super heroes but they want them to act like how normal beings would do, leaving Captain America aside. If I want to sum up Logan in one single sentence then I’d say “It was fuckin’ awesome & this is exactly how I always wanted Wolverine character to be.” The blood & gore makes all the difference between a real action & pop culture movie. Make no mistakes, this movie is violent, bloody and full of swearing by all characters but that is what made it the best of the lot by Marvel Universe.


The story is pretty much already in the trailer that Wolverine and Prof. X are in the hiding in a dystopian future where X-Men are gone and these two are keeping a low profile living on the Mexican border (no wall on the border yet). Logan is an alcoholic and drives a limo service to make the ends meet whereas Prof. X is sick and needs medication to keep his powers under control. At this point a woman approaches Logan and wants him to help her take a young girl across the border.


This is where the story gets interesting, Logan is also chased by some other individuals who work for a large corporation. They know his secret but don’t want to have anything to do with him since they see him as a washout and had-been. They only want to little girl. Well, finally logan decides to help the woman as she offers him tons of money and he needs cash in order to take Prof. X to a better place and live in peace. The girl turns out to be another mutant, which surprises Logan as he always thought all of the mutants to be dead or gone into hiding. The girl is like Logan, Wolverine with blades coming out of her hands and *spoiler* her feet as well *spoiler end*. She is faster, and matches Logan’s strength too.


There are some surprises too but let’s not reveal them here. I’d say this movie has to be the best X-Men movie to date. Marvel has out done and out shine themselves by actually doing a movie which is worth watching for the story and acting.

Both, Hugh Jackman & Patrick Stewart recently announced that this is their final movie in the X-Men series and they were right. They both have done an amazing work in it and one can now relate to their character, especially Prof.X. Patrick Stewart is an amazing actor hailing from stage dramas and giving life to his characters. Most remember him from Star Trek TV series or X-Men but he has done some memorable serious roles but he would always be known has Professor Charles Xavior.


Hugh Jackman, the Australian, who has a multitude of talent and skills as an actor, singer & performer. He was relatively unknown until the first X-Men hit the theaters and there was no looking back after it. It always seemed that Jackman was made for this role and I can say one thing for sure that just like Heath Ledger played Joker, Marlin Brando played The God Father & Christian Bale played The Batman, Hugh Jackman will be remembered as Wolverine forever.


Coming to one of the most pleasantly surprising work has come from the young Defne Keen, playing a mutant Laura. Her expressions of aggression and rage are unmatched and I give credit to the casting director for finding her for this role. She could very well be on her way to a “Young Wolverine” movie of her own. How she came into being is what is explained in the movie and that made every bit of sense on how Logan behaves throughout.


Talking about the cinematic, yes there is a lot of CGI but it doesn’t look like one as the quality of CGI is so good that one does feel like watching a real thing. Most of the movie is shot on location and props were used instead of CGI and that makes every bit of difference.


From the car chase to the last battle, every bit of the movie is well thought out and has been edited together without a loophole or drag. There are no cheesy moments but there are some good one liners by both Wolverine and Prof. X which makes one giggle within the serious blood and gore. This is not to be missed at any cost. John Wick Chapter 2 was the first this year and this is the second. I just hope that Marvel now moves away from the kiddy action flicks and should concentrate like it did with LOGAN.


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