[Book Review] “The Fire Child”(S.K. Tremayne) – Insanely Addictive


Author: S.K. Tremayne

Genre: Psychological Thriller / Horror Fiction

Year of Publication: 2016

Pages: 400

ISBN: 1478947381 (ISBN13: 9781478947387)


Rachel, a woman in her early 30’s carries a disturbing past. She deems herself to be a survivor who has overcome the odds. She eventually gets married to David, a rich and handsome owner of Tin mines in Cornwall. Rachel is deeply in love with David, his grand house and most of all his son, Jamie who is suffering from severe trauma post the death of his mother. After the initial trance of her tranquil new life, Rachel has to face a series of strange events; with ghosts of pasts lurking around and threat of death hanging on her head, she has to ensure that her future and that of her Stepson steers clear of terminal mysteries that envelope her world.

“Maybe nothing could extinguish the yearning of human love; maybe it traveled on for ever, through the darkness. Like the light from dead stars.” – S.K. Tremayne (quoted from “The Fire Child)

Our Rating



What do I expect a psychological thriller to do to me? I want it to consume my energies while I am reading it; to leave me exhausted by the time I finish it and to haunt me days after I put the book back in my shelf. “The Fire Child” checks all the three boxes and turns out to be a much better bargain than I anticipated.

This book was just a random pick from the bookshop, almost like an afterthought. I hadn’t read the firs novel by the author and had no clue what his writing style is going to be. As it turned out, now I cant wait to get my hands on his first book. Such was the intensity of his writing that I am still stuck in the world he created in “The Fire Child”; a world which is highly flawed yet sucks you into itself and doesn’t let go.

Shock after shock, the book left me breathless with its constant ability to surprise

The book is almost a 400 pager and it was probably the 20th page (or so) when the book threw its first shock at me … and from that point onward, it turned out be a roller-coaster which left me breathless. I just couldn’t find the courage to put the book down as each and every chapter delivered a new shock, making it impossible for me to wait another day to find out what happens next.

I am normally a very hard nut to crack when it comes to getting spooked up by movies or novels. But this book just knocked me out of my wits not once but after every few pages. The atmosphere created by the author was brutally effective to say the least. I could feel the ghosts lurking around me; I could feel the anxieties of the lead characters and I could definitely feel my heart pounding with anticipation yet feeling an odd tenderness towards the characters.

There are logical loopholes in the plot, but they are introduced so effectively in the narrative, that their irrationality become immaterial 

I cant pretend as if there was no logical loopholes in the story; especially the last twist had “literary liberty” written all over it, yet it was so effectively introduced in the narrative that I just had to buy it and let it have all the impact it intended to have on me.

The lead characters, with all their secrets and regrets kept tugging at my heart and made me gasp, sigh and yearn for them. I was so engrossed in their story that at times I had no option but to feel embarrassed for having such strong reactions to their experiences.

Final Word

I don’t know if my response to this book is hanging on the verge of insanity. What I do know is…I had no issues in letting the book drive me towards this insanity as that’s what the book is all about… a fiction which takes its readers beyond the confines of logic; an Insane tale that eventually becomes an addiction.

Highly recommended for those who like their books to drive them crazy!


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