[Review] Gantz:O – Super Slick Flick

Director: Yasushi Kawamura, Keiichi Saitô

Cast (Voice):  Chris Jai Alex, Saori Hayami, Mao Ichimichi

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Japanese have always been a nation who loves their heritage, culture, sex & Manga. They are also one of the most technologically advanced nation in the world. With the advancement in CGI, they have started to show the world how an animated movie is made. Don’t get me wrong, all US studios are amazing too but Japanese animation is on a whole new level. The freedom to show and do whatever you want gives the director of the movie a green field to provide a visual treat.

Back in 2001 when Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was released, it left the audience in awe and in a pleasant surprise. Although gamer had already seen a very high quality cinematics in multiple games but this was the first time a very high detailed characters were seen in a full length motion picture. Then it was Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children which became a cult classic. Both based on the Final Fantasy game franchise with latter being closer to the actual game, fans and audience fell in love with the quality of CGI in the movie. Come 2017, Gantz:O is on the top of the CGI based live action movies.

Gantz: O

Enough of CGI and back to Manga based movies. Based on the popular Manga by Hiroya Oku, Gantz is not a new manga series but quite an old one. With multiple animated series and live action movies already made on the same, Gantz:O can be taken as one of the chapters of the series since the backstory of all is the same and only places and people change.


The movie starts with a fight sequence where we see Tokyo is being attacked by aliens and there are some non-military people fighting them. Once the fight is over, the fighters are transported back to their base, or so we think. Those who died remain so we immediately know that technology transporting them back knows only to beam back the alive ones. These fighters sport a next-gen suit which enhances their abilities and “assets” too. Anyway, that’s the only thing one needs to know about the suit. Then we see Kato, an average teenager who is on his way back home from work where his little brother is waiting for him. In the subway Kato tries to save someone from an attacker and dies in the process. He is then resurrected by an Orb, known only as Gantz. There are four other people when he comes back to life, Rieka (the hot chic), Suzuki (the old man), another resurrected guy and Nishi (the cocky one). Kato is told that he’s been resurrected and they are in a survival game where they have to eliminate the aliens who have attacked Tokyo & Osaka. Well, our hero is an average joe and the way he reacts to the situation is pretty natural and perfectly captured.


On with the fights, since in the last battle, Tokyo team’s leaders were killed, therefore Gantz transports them to Osaka where the threat from aliens is much higher. Kato is still trying to absorb what is heck is going on and then he’s thrown right in the middle of shit storm. In Osaka, they encounter team Osaka, which is way more organized and skilled and they are taunted by them. Rest you can imagine how the story would go.


The movie itself is a treat to watch with animation perfection and movements of body parts matched to the tee with real movements. Since the Gantz series originally has a lot of gore, violence & sexual theme, Gantz:O keeps the focus on the former two and keeps the sex out. Of course they had to create some sort of references so the female characters are fully clothed naked chicks who have their bodies covered in skin tight, body hugging leather suits which surprisingly does not restrict movement of their boobs but contains the one eyed monster of men under strict check. The city is created so well that had no characters were in sight, you would take it as a real city. The buildings, signboards, neon signs, hence even the water movement is created to perfection.



A must watch for all manga fans and even if you haven’t watched or know anything about Gantz series, do watch it on Netflix and you will thoroughly enjoy it anyways. I have yet to watch a better CGI movie than Gantz:O and I would love to see some sequels of it too.

By the way, it’s rated 16+ therefore don’t let your kids slip it by as kids animation.


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