[Review] Hacksaw Ridge – Not your average World War 2 Biopic

Director: Mel Gibson

Cast: Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington, Luke BraceyHugo WeavingVince Vaughn

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2016 saw a flood of World War 2 (WWII) era movies with big cast names and heavy production budgets. Though most did not fare that well on the box office and some were just to win a bid for Oscars, but one movie did outshine all the rest. Hacksaw Ridge, a battle of Okinawa biopic, about an American soldier who refused to bear arms and kill the enemy, even in battle but he did serve the country and humanity.

Mel Gibson directed movie finally saw the light of day last year despite his tarnished reputation and some failed attempts to come back to the silver screen for the last few years. He was practically outcasted by the same fraternity for which he spent his life. Just because he was not taken in any mainstream roles like he used to be doesn’t mean that he cannot give us a gem and classic like Hacksaw Ridge.


Hacksaw Ridge will go down in history is one of the greatest movies made by Mel Gibson.

The story revolves around Desmond. T Doss, a US Army Medic who enlisted after WWII Pearl Harbor incident in December 1941. He lived with his family in the Virginia with an alcoholic father, played by Hugo Weaving, mother and a brother. His father suffers from WWI PTSD after many of his friends and colleagues died during the war and he is unable to cope with the grief. After a childhood accident where he almost kills his brother and a difficult youth, Desmond cements his religious beliefs and becomes true Seventh Day Adventist. Despite disagreement with his father, he enlists himself in the Army as a medic just because he thought medics don’t bear arms or kill anyone in the war. During his initial training, he refuses to take part in the compulsory weapons training and becomes a Conscientious Objector. Despite pressures from his superiors and fellow soldiers, he doesn’t move from his decision and also doesn’t quit the military.


His bravery in the Okinawa battle earned him a Medal of Honor as being the only conscientious objector in the War who earned it without firing a single shot. He saved lives of 75 injured soldiers when they were run over by Japanese military during the battle.

Andrew Garfield has played the role of a lifetime in Hacksaw Ridge.

Mel Gibson has done an amazing work directing this movie with each and every battle scene picturized to perfection. He knows how to create immersive scenes and give the audience goose bumps to the core. This movie has earned him award nomination for Best Director in almost every major awarding organization.


Andrew Garfield has played the role of a lifetime in Hacksaw Ridge. He has portrayed the character so convincingly that one gets to relate to him. I personally could see through the pains and thoughts he was going through when he was all alone trying to save the injured. He is an actor who would immerse in the role so much that they own it. I am rooting for him in this year’s Oscars as I think he has done a marvelous work portraying Desmond Doss.

Despite having a very strong star cast, one name outshines the rest after Andrew Garfield and that is off Hugo Weaving. His depiction of Desmond’s PTSD stricken alcoholic father is perfect to the tee. He has shown the variety of emotions and control over this character and having to see him play this role was an absolute treat. The one scene where he breaks down after he is confronted by Desmond during a fight with his mother will melt your heart.


Those who think it is an overly violent and gruesome movie then they don’t know how wars go on.

The movie is over 2 hours long but you will not feel it go by till the very end. It is a picture perfect marvel of cinematic gold which will go down in history is one of the greatest movies made by the great Mel Gibson. Each and every second of the battle has been exceptionally well choreographed and will hit your senses. It is a work of art and for those who think it is an overly violent and gruesome movie then they don’t know how wars go on. Do watch it when you have over 2 hours to spare as this movie demands your complete attention and will command your senses.



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