[Review] Collide – High Octane Cars Advertisement

Director: Eran Creevy

Cast:  Nicholas Hoult, Felicity Jones, Anthony HopkinsBen Kingsley

Our Rating



What do you call an American movie which hasn’t been released in US theaters but is already on the TV screen? I call it bad commercial judgement. Some may call it direct to DVD but that is not the case here for Collide. This movie was released in Japan before any other country and that too for unknown reasons. Secondly, it went on to be released in Germany, Bulgaria, Romania & UAE. All releases happened from June to November 2016. Then there is a sudden stop and it starts again with Israel on Feb 4 2017 and finally in US on Feb 24 2017. I only wonder here whether the other markets are more commercially viable for the producers of this movie.


On with the review, it is an action packed, star studded, high octane, romantic movie with a theme taken from so many movies that I lost count. I wants to be Fast & Furious but also wants to be some Lethal Weapon and some parts it seemed like drama on the likes of GodFather series. Overall it is a mix of everything. It has a boy who has a past and is stuck in difficult circumstances in which a mob boss is after him. His girlfriend is dying of a disease and he needs money. He plans a heist which goes wrong and his girlfriend is kidnapped but the villina. Now he is all out and about to save her. Rest you can understand and have already been shared in the trailer of the movie.


Having a star cast like Ben Kingsley & Anthony Hopkins, one could only hope for an explosive action packed dramatic movie as both are exceptionally good in making any movie worth a watch. Having said that, they were unable to make an impact in this flick. Anthony Hopkins plays Hagan Kahl, a Kingpin and Ben Kingsley plays Geran, a rival gang leader. There is a rivalry between the two and Nicholas Hoult (Casey Stien) is stuck between them as he worked for Geran. Felicity Jones plays Juliette Marne, Casey’s love interest who is suffering from an illness and needs money for her medical treatment during which she is kidnapped.

The entire movie does have quite a bit of action, car chases and some really good action choreography but it falls flat on its face as it is riddled with some choppy editing, some below par acting and cheesy dialogues. The major plus point in it is the collection of cars which the hero miraculously finds everywhere he is stuck. I felt like I was watching an extended cars commercial where the durability and features of cars were put on display. I am a little motorhead but I would stick to Fast and Furious franchise if I want to feed my inner car enthusiast.


Overall a watchable movie but only once but if you are able to find it on DVD/Blu Ray then you would be able to save some money. This movie will not be remembered as a Hopkins/Kingsley classic but it would be remember one in which both should not have wasted their energies acting.



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