[Review] Underworld: Blood Wars – Has it ended yet?

Director: Anna Foerster

Cast:  Kate Beckinsale, Theo James, Tobias Menzies

Our Rating


Underworld franchise owners have probably learned that if Resident Evil franchise can churn out 5 movies then why can’t they do it. Honestly, it has been a while that a good Vampire / Werewolf movie has come out of Hollywood in recent years. With all the TV shows squeezing out the juice from the concept of Vampires and Werewolves, I just fail to grasp the concept of having another Underworld movie.


Yes, Kate Beckinsale looks amazingingly hot in those skin tight leather suits but in this one even she seemed tired of it all. It was all the trailer which lead us to believe that it would be a better movie than the ones before but then again, it is the same old script repeated and at times I could sense even the dialogues were recycled from previous movies.


The story of the movie continues from the last time we left it where Selene (Kate Beckinsale) finds out about her daughter and saves her from all the werewolves (Likens). She also learns that her daughter is a unique hybrid and gets the best of both genes. We also saw little action of what her daughter could do. Moving forward, in this movie Selene is seen running away from both Vampires and Likens because now everyone knows about her daughter and her blood is the one which could give Likens an unimaginable advantage over Vampires and a chance to end the centuries old feud by eliminating Vampires for good. Likens now have a new leader who wants to harness the blood from Selene’s daughter and become invincible.


Vampire Elders, on the other, hand want Selene to be held accountable for killing one of their elders (I can’t remember which part was that except for the first one). Thomas (Charles Dance), who is one of the Elders and also David (the side hero and Selene’s love interest), asks Elders to let Selene come back as she is the one strongest of all and can help Vampires prepare for war with Likens. The actual story starts after she’s back in the Vampire HQ. There’s betrayal and killings and then there are some new Vampires who are peace loving.


The movie seems to be made in a rush with patchy choreography and stale dialogues. The CGI also looks below par especially the effects when Likens change into werewolves. The screenplay is a drag in many places and there are loopholes like there is a scene in the start where Vampires tell that their place is a fortress and Likens cannot get into it but in the end Likens attack the “Fortress” like they are invited on a tea party. Then Selene also gets some unique powers of moving very fast but she doesn’t use it to kill all the Likens who have attacked the Vampire HQ.



Overall the movie is watchable for Kate Beckinsale and her super hot attires. There is a lot to be desired in this movie and I hope that there is not another one because if they plan to make another sequel then it would certainly bomb at the box office. There is nothing noteworthy about the acting performances as none was required to make this movie. It seemed like a B-grade low budget flick trying to match the success of it predecessors.





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