[Review] Deepwater Horizon – Exhilarating depiction of the Truth

Director: Peter Berg

Cast:  Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, Douglas M. GriffinJohn Malkovich

Our Rating


The world is advancing forward at a speed of light and technology has enabled corporations and people to do things which one could not imagine fifty years ago. However, with every technological advancement there is an inherent risk of too much reliance thus resulting in impaired judgement and disaster. Normally, if a piece of technology fails, it only impacts people and its immediate surroundings but when that surrounding is hundreds of miles into sea, things get complicated. Deepwater Horizon is also a movie about British Petroleum’s (BP) oil rig “Deepwater Horizon” disaster in offshore US waters.

The destruction of Deepwater Horizon oil rig resulted in one of the worst oil spills in the US history with millions of barrels of oil spilled into the sea endangering sea and shore life alike. Although those who were responsible were sentenced and then let go but the lives lost during the destruction could never be compensated.


The movie provides an inside look into what really happened and how one flawed decision lead to another and finally having the oil rig destroyed. Mark Whalberg, Kurt Russel and John Malkovich play the central roles and they play it amazingly well. The movie starts with the team of staff from Transocean, a company which operates the oil rigs and leases it out to oil companies, going to Deepwater Horizon rig. When they land on the rig, they sea quality inspectors from Schlumberger leaving and upon asking about the cement bonding tests they learn that no tests were conducted because BP officials on the rig stopped them.


Jimmy Harrell, played by Kurt Russell, is the rig manager and he is accompanied by Mike Williams (Mark Wahlberg) who is Chief Electrical Engineer goes to the BP officials on the rig. Vidrine (John Malkovich) is the head of the BP is a tight ass executive who thinks that whatever decision they had taken for not letting the quality check done on the cement bondings is right. On the contrary Jimmy takes the decision to run their own tests to check the integrity of the rig. While the tests were being conducted, they observe an anomaly during the tests but brush it off as the second test results are normal. Little that they know there is a pressure build up in the pipes which erupts, damaging everything in between. This is where the destruction starts.


Of course the entire scenes of the rig blowing up could not have been possible without CGI but the quality of CGI is so good that one feels it to be real. The build up of the story is slow but you can feel that it is going to be of epic proportions once reaches climax.


There is no narration of the story and it is told as it happens so if you are thinking about any back story then don’t. Just watch the movie from start to end and feel exhilarated with thrilling sequences and exceptionally well done CGI. On the acting front each and every character is on point but having said that, there will not be any Oscars for best acting. Mark Wahlberg is the one carrying the second half of the movie on his shoulders and I must say that he has improved a lot in recent years by paying more attention to his acting rather than building muscles.


A very well done movie which has been done after a thorough research on the incident including interviews with the survivors. It was a real life survival and irrespective what happened, people who survived and helped others live to tell the tale are the real heroes. All these corporations will keep on making money but after watching this movie, you will question the ethical and moral high grounds these companies take while raking billions and profits from their businesses.

A high recommended movie for your weekend quality time.



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