[Review] Passengers – Gorgeous Love Story in Space

Director: Morten Tyldum

Writer: Jon Spaihts

Our Rating



Often times we see a movie comes along challenging our imagination of the future and rekindles the fact that no matter how progressive or developed we are, in the end we are humans and would do what is in our nature with love being true power to our actions. Interstellar is a recent example of questioning and proving that imagination needs no bounds given a reality scenario to it. Space travel has always fascinated us all but since we are unable to go back to the moon again (questioning if humans ever went there after watching Wag the Dog), it does seems a little far fetched. Anyhow, it is a movie and entertainment so let’s take it in similar fashion.


Jennifer Lawrence is super hot and an amazing actress, period, no questions! Chris Pratt is is the hunk Hollywood should be looking out for some spectacular love stories as he’s got the charisma and charm ladies would die for. Jon Spaihts (Prometheus, Doctor Strange) has penned a really good love story with a sci-fi twist and Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game)has done an equally good job directing it. Passengers defines that even with minimal screen cast, any movie can be made awesome.

Jennifer Lawrence is super hot and an amazing actress, period, no questions!

The story of the movie is about a spacecraft with 5,000 human passengers in a suspended hibernation, travelling to a new planet to start a new life because the world population has exploded out of proportions. These people have been selected based on their skills and of course some are rich enough to buy their spot on the ship. The spacecraft is seen going through space at half the speed of light and it would take 120 years to reach the new planet named “Homestead Colony”. Homestead is the company operating the craft and is apparently making trillions of dollars by doing so. Anyway, the spacecraft encounters a malfunction and a sleeping pod is opened, 90 years earlier than the actual time. This pod is of passenger Jim Preston (Chris Pratt). He wakes up and finds out that he has been up long before the due time. The only person he finds on the ship is an Android bartender Arthur (Michael Sheen) who has a lifelike appearance and somewhat close to humanistic responses.


After months spending time alone, Jim tumbles upon the pod of a gorgeous woman, Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence). After finding out who she is, he falls in love with her but now is in pain of how to reach her. This is where the story gets interesting. Aurora wakes up and both finally fall in love. But there is a pressing issue of something is not right with the spacecraft. With frequent malfunctions, bots behaving erratically, and spacecraft being unable to resolve problems, both Jim and Aurora are alone to find and fix the issue. This is where I stop about the story.


The movie is spectacularly shot and cinematography is beautiful. The panoramic shots of space are spell bounding and I must say that CGI personnel have done an amazing work bringing life to this movie. There is a slight resemblance of spacecraft’s walkway to “2001: A Space Odyssey” but that had to be there as gravity is achieved through spinning the craft. Overall, it is a beautifully shot movie and if you are able to catch in any cinema near you then do so, especially in 3D or IMAX.


Both Chris and Jennifer have an amazing chemistry between them and it not only shows on screen but it looks very real (sorry Anna Faris but it’s true). The passion, intimacy and romance between the two shows no bounds and they do what every would expect them to. Even the hate (you need to see the movie to know why) is very natural. I would love to see these two come together again in another love story soon. There are some other notable cast mentions in the movie such as Laurence Fishburne & Andy Garcia. Laurence has a combined screen time of 6 minutes and Andy has about 3 seconds, which I fail to understand why. Was there more to Andy’s character in the movie?


In conclusion, it is a must watch and do watch it as a love story and enjoy the beautifully shot scenes as this is a completely fresh concept. The movie is nominated for Oscars in best music score and best production design category and I personally think it would take the best production design award. But until then, do watch it for sheer romance and performances by Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.



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