[Review] iBoy – New Superhero in the making

Director: Adam Randall

Cast:  Bill Milner, Maisie Williams, Miranda Richardson

Our rating:



Every now and then Netflix comes up with a radical idea for a movie or a show and it just doesn’t seem that it would work, and it does. Looking back over two years, Netflix was not really into the game of mass producing movies and TV shows and they were very selective of what to produce. Come 2017, there are hoards of movies and shows coming in every month and seems like they are juicing out every cent of the massive $2.0 Billion plus allocated to production last year.

Netflix seems to really take the sci-fi genre quiet seriously

It doesn’t matter that a movie does not have a high flying cast to attract audience’s interest but some decently acted movies turn out to create bigger stars. iBoy is also one example of an ordinary cast with an extraordinary story and vivid imagination. I did notice that Netflix seems to really take the sci-fi genre quiet seriously and being a sci-fi fan myself, I say it’s awesome.


The story, based on a book of the same name by Kevin Brooks, published in 2010 revolves around today’s modern day England where cloudy weather is like second nature and bright sunshine is what never happens in the entire movie. Tom is an average teenager who likes to do stuff what teenagers do, that is, absolutely nothing productive. The town he lives in is actually plagued by thugs looting anyone at any time. One night he goes to his high school friend’s house, who is a girl and sees those thugs trying to torture and rape her. He encounters the thugs and flees the scene with thugs running after him. He tries to phone the police but within that instance, he’s shot.

There were moments when I thought that he’s stuck but then again, the writer has done a pretty good job in story development.


Tom goes into a coma and when he wakes up, Doctor tells him that fragments of his phone were embedded into his brain as the bullet hit the phone and he survived because of it. Moving forward, tom comes back home and starts experiencing strange visuals, like he’s in Matrix. He can now hop onto microwave frequencies and can do whatever he wants as the phones parts embedded in his brain has enhanced his brain power. This is the point he realizes that he should now find those responsible for raping his friend (later girlfriend) and teach them a lesson. He also starts to help out his community and calls himself iBoy. The entire town is like “iBoy FTW” and gangsters hate him (watch the movie to know the actual extent of his abilities).


The plot is very interesting and he at times does what any teenager would do but since his focus is on getting revenge and punishing the evil so don’t expect anything typical. He plans very intelligently and until the very end does everything with a well thought out step. There were moments when I thought that he’s stuck but then again, the writer has done a pretty good job in story development.


Tom, played by Bil Milner, is a character which can be further developed into a franchise with iBoy. I haven’t seen any major superhero coming out of UK and I think Netflix might have stumbled across one. I say Netflix should collaborate with Kevin Brooks and develop an iBoy series. That would really create new genre of superheroes.


Overall, the movie is well made and all characters are defined to play their part. Since the entire story runs around Tom and his abilities so anyone watching would want to see more of what he does rather than shady gangster dialogues and corny cliche. I recommend watching it as it is surprisingly good and I predict a sequel coming out too in next 2 years.





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