[Review] The Girl with All the Gifts – Another forgettable zombie flick

Director: Colm McCarthy

Cast:  Gemma Arterton, Glenn Close, Sennia Nanua

Our Rating


Books to movies are a norm in film industry and there have been many successful and some not so successful examples. In 2016, movies such as Inferno, The Girl on a Train, Fantastic Beast and Where to find Them & A Moster’s Call are some of the examples for decent adaptations of books to movies. The Girl with all the Gifts is also adapted on the big screen after it was published in 2014 by M.R.Carey. More information on the book can be found here.


Based on a dystopian future, the world has been infected by a fungus which spreads into the human brain, rendering them lusting for human flesh. The story is about a British facility which is housing children and we see from the start that they are being chained and taught by teachers in a remote facility. Immediately in the start the question arises that why the children are being chained to their chairs and kept as prisoners. The director doesn’t waste any time and giving the answer and that is where the action begins. The real story starts when the base is attacked by zombies and only few could make it out of it.


Gemma Arterton is a very underrated female actor and doesn’t get much appreciated for her acting skills

Having a 400+ page book turned into a live action film and keeping the essence from original writer is something not all directors can pull off. One of the strongest elements in any movie is the pace with which the story moves forward but in this case there is a lot of drag I could see which made me slightly lose interest. Unlike Resident Evil series, there is no back story or elaborated flashbacks on how it all began but just slight explanation during the course of the movie on what actually happened.


On the acting side, Gemma Arterton and Sennia Nanua are on the center stage along with Glen Close. It won’t be wrong to say that it is more like a chic flick zombies apocalypse movie. Gemma plays a teacher (Helen Justineau) with psychology  background and teaches the infected children whereas Sennia is one of the prisoner student (Melanie). Glen Close plays Dr. Caroline Caldwell, the person who is conducting experiments on the zombie children for finding cure to the infection.


I would not get very much into what happens next as we can all pretty much see and understand through the trailer. How the remaining go through the ordeal of finding a secret facility where they all can be safe is what the entire movie is all about.

The movie is quiet watchable and all the zombie genre fans can take it as another addition to their collection

On the acting front, I love Gemma Arterton as I think she is a very underrated female actor and doesn’t get much appreciated for her acting skills. She dons the cloak of an emotional yet very strong willed teacher who is willing to put her life on the line in order to save a child. A person who believes in the positive future but is continuously being bogged down by realists. The most noteworthy performance is from the young lady Sennia Nanua who plays the center stage lead character of Melanie, already infected but can control the urge to a great deal due to her strong will. She is the one who protects the last remaining humans from the other zombies. I’d say this talented actress has her future cut out for her in major roles in future. Glen Close plays the role of an obsessed doctor to the tee with ruthless focus on finding the cure no matter what the cost gave me slight chills at times.


Overall, the movie is quiet watchable and all the zombie genre fans can take it as another addition to their collection but since there is not much CGI and no extraordinary story line therefore it won’t make its name into history and will vanish just like how zombies forget they were humans.



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