[Review] La La Land – A world full of Magic, Music & Splendor

Directed & Written by: Damien Chazelle

Cast: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone

Pre-Release Hype


Our Verdict


Damien Chazelle’s previous directorial venture “Whiplash” was a movie which might not have created records at the box office but it definitely alerted the concierge of quality cinema. The movie presented a director’s vision which was not only different but also had the potential to create something special. So when his next movie, a musical, started creating vibes in festivals and the awards activists started repeating its name for multiple contentions, it definitely activated the radars of those who keep waiting for “the next big thing”.

As it turns out, “Whiplash” was just a meager step taken by Chazelle before his gigantic leap as a film maker. “La La Land” is not only a very good movie and it doesn’t only deserve all the buzz and awards but it is a testimony that Love Stories of such stature can still be made in this era of sleaze and spunk.


What works for the Movie

Practically Everything…

Story, Direction & Screenplay: Chazelle nails it in every department. His treatment of the plot is such that a story which seems full of cliches eventually turns out to be something never experienced before. The dialogues are witty and pleasant with a natural flow. Though the complete movie is top notch but the last 10 minutes or so are totally unprecedented. It gives you goosebumps and generates waves of varied emotions. This is nothing less but a work of genius.


Performances & Chemistry: Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone might have had their shares of admirers and adversaries …but this movie will definitely change millions of minds and hearts for them. They are just PITCH PERFECT in their respective roles. The subtlety with which they handle these “not so simple” roles deserves all the applaud. More than their individual brilliance, its their mutual chemistry which brightens up the screen. They create magic on screen and create places in your hearts. They deserve as many awards as the academies have to offer.

Music & Visuals: Making a musical can be a tricky business, but when you have compositions as beautiful and visuals as spectacular as these, you can bet that viewers will lap it all up. The tunes, the dances and the sparkling visual create an atmosphere which absorbs the viewer in a soothing world; a world which couldn’t have been named any better than “La La Land”

What doesn’t work for the Movie


There is no such thing which doesn’t work in the “La La Land”


Final Word

Once there was “Gone with the Wind”. Time stood still for a hiatus till “Titanic” emerged …and now after another stagnated era with a plethora of mediocre love stories… comes “La La Land”… this is the best romantic drama of last decade and probably will remain so for many to come.



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