[Review] Sherlock – Season 4 Episode 2 – Unexpected Turns

Cast:  Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Una Stubbs

Episode Rating: 5_star

Sherlock is one series in which every episode is pretty much a single motion picture length and it is a complete story in itself. However, the ending of each episode is linked to the next. The brilliance in story telling by Steven Moffat has us gripped through entire episodes looking at the unmatched intellect of Sherlock Holmes. Although the credit is to Arthur Conan Doyle for being the creator of Sherlock Holmes character but the modern tales will be remembered with Moffat only.


In the last episode, the story of Mary came about and the end with her unexpected demise left the audience with shock and disbelief as they started thinking about her being in an important role in future episodes. Having said that, the second episode showed that Mary will remain part of Sherlock for longer, contrary to her physical self being out of the picture.


The second episode starts where the first left off when Sherlock discovers a recorded message from Mary asking him to save Watson, from himself. She knows Watson and Sherlock so well that even before her death, she made sure to put her message across to Sherlock of what will become of Watson if she’s not there anymore. The episode not only provides us always chattering, high on drugs and detailed oriented detective we all love but also gives the insight of the toll this man takes because he is way ahead of others. Sherlock is emotional but those emotions rarely surface as they are shadowed by the overwhelming flush of information in his brain.


On the entertainment side, this is by far one of the best episodes in the series so far. The twists and turns with an added suspense till the very end coupled with the most unexpected turn to end the episode got the audience glued to their seats. I personally cannot wait for the last and final episode of this season. Sherlock remains a head of the game and kept everyone guessing what his next move could be. There was a point where even I questioned his sanity (by the writers) but it is always part of the plan which no one but Sherlock only knows.



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