[Review] Sherlock – Season 4 Episode 1 – He’s back!

Cast:  Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Una Stubbs

Episode Rating: 5_star

BBC’s Sherlock needs no introduction as this is the series which defined the career of Benedict Cumberbatch and gave a new perspective to the tales of Sherlock. We have already seen what has happened in the first three seasons and then the specials, Many Happy Returns & The Abominable Bride. The twists and turns of Sherlock’s mind could never be understood but that is the brilliance of this production.


Benedict Cumberbatch is on of the most talented actors this industry has seen in a long time and no matter what the role, he fits himself perfectly into it. Given the recent success of Doctor Strange, Cumberbatch has solidified his steps in not just the entertainment industry but also in the hearts of his fans. Due to his commitments to the movies Sherlock season 4 was delayed for 3 years which generated rumors of it’s cancellation. But he is back and is back with a bang! In this episode I forgot all about him being Doctor Strange or Kahn but he was totally and purely Sherlock.

Talking about latest episode which starts from the same time where the last episode ended, that is, Moriarty is back and he is mocking Sherlock by displaying a video message all across saying “Did you miss me?” Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s brother and a very influential government official, gets him back on the ground and also gets pardon from him. This is also very interesting as we get to see first hand what governments can do if they want to let go of a criminal. Anyway, no one in their right mind would take Sherlock as a criminal, would they?


Sherlock starts his investigation and there are moment in the first 30 minutes where this entire episode is heading and then there’s the revelation. It’s not about Moriarty but it is leading up to the past of Dr. Watson’s wife and ex-mercenary Mary. There are twists and turns and the end is shocking to us all. Although I could send who the final culprit would be but then again I wasn’t expecting the end which this episode has shown. In this episode we also see more of Mycroft and get to know his personality and what he actually does for the government. He is also a very intelligent man but like to stay behind closed doors and lets Sherlock to the work for him. Dr. Watson is come out as a family man now and is trying to balance his work and family, however, his wife Mary is the one who would’ve made a better Dr. Watson like Lucy Lu in the American version.


Being a long term Sherlock fan, the modern era Sherlock is way better than the old one, of course, but there is something missing which is the old school detective work. The gadgets and tools do help Sherlock and makes his life easier but some more deductive methods and instincts will make this series more exciting. However, Sherlock is back and I can’t wait to watch the second episode of season 4.



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