[Review] Top Action Movies of 2016

2016 was the year when the entertainment industry lost a large number of stars and legends but that is part of life. This did not stop Hollywood to hold back and produce some of the best movies of all times. Here’s a list of our picks for Top Movies of 2016. This list is not in any particular order but all are a must see.


Now this kind of movie comes once every decade where watching it enough is not really enough. After the multiple career suicide roles by Ryan Reynolds, he has finally come to a character which was not only closer to his heart but a hidden gem in Marvel Universe. Normally comic book heroes are not what they seem when played in a live motion picture but this is not true for Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds played it to perfection and has created a new anti-hero super hero fans from all of us


Captain America – Civil War

One may argue that Captain America – Civil War was boring as hell but I’d say otherwise. This move only seems boring because we have had enough of same characters since first Iron Man in 2008. But if you watch all Avengers and all related movies then the entire story of Marvel Universe comes together. This is also the beginning of an end for Captain America like Iron Man, who will also be making smaller appearances in either Avengers or related movies like upcoming Spiderman reboot.


Batman Vs Superman – Dawn of Justice

My oh my!! This one is one of my all time favorites now. Now this is how DC Comics should be making a rival series against Marvel Universe. Dark, action packed and very serious. A large hue and cry was made when Ben Affleck was announced to play Batman as after Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, fans could not imagine anyone else other than Christian Bale. They were wrong and they loved Affleck in the middle aged, down and dusted Batman making a comeback. The introduction of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is amazing, winning her a solo movie in 2017. This movie also marked the launch of Justice League, which is also expected in the fall of 2017 or early 2018. Don’t forget to watch the “extended version” on DVD/Blu Ray as theatrical release left a lot of questions unanswered which were clarified in extended release


The Suicide Squad

Another addition to DC Universe which met with a lukewarm reception. With a star studded cast of Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Jared Leto as Joker & Cara Delevingne as Enchantress, this movie made a significant impact on Marvel Universe. Again, with a dark theme, specialized by DC Comics, the overall movie is fast paced and filled with nail biting moments. Although there are some loop holes in the back story of all characters but then again, DC is new in this arena and they are quickly learning and improving. With this movie too, do watch the extended cut as well.


Doctor Strange

One word, Wow! I simply love Benedict Cumberbatch in all of his roles especially as Sherlock Holmes. He is a truly gifted actor with a versitile range of acting skills. This is one movie which one should not miss now if missed already in theaters. On the other hand, if already watched in theaters then it is a collector’s item. The entire movie is well shot and explains each character in depth including how Doctor Strange came into being. My only thought was a weaker opponent but it’s just a start.


X-Men Apocalypse

X-Men brand was revived through an origins story in X-Men First Class & then Day of Future Past. It has now come as an evolved series where past meets present meets future. A weaker of the first two and it was also joked in the movie as well about the third sequels but it is worth a watch. With introduction of new X-Men and a broader role for our favorite Quick Silver, X-Men Apocalypse somewhat gives us the closure we needed for the franchise. Although there will be more but for this year, a satisfying action packed X-Men is what we needed.


Eye in The Sky

Moving away from Sci-Fi, Eye in The Sky is an action thriller and a welcome surprise for it’s intense dramatization of modern day drone warfare. Helen Mirren played the central role of British Col.Katherine Powell, who is responsible for finding an eliminating terrorists targets in Kenya. With all the latest tech and ground intelligence the entire operation is put on hold on final stages when a little girl enters the target area. The movie is well. The worth watching part is how the Col. is fixated on eliminating the terrorist while shutting down her human side and she is willing to go to any extent to get the job done. A very well crafted movie with a subtle message of keeping our humanities alive.



Moving to the likes of Jodie Foster in “Contact” or Mathew McConaughey in “Interstellar” or even Keanue Reeves in “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, Amy Adams has proven her worth as an actress with a depth of emotions and acting skills. This could also be dubbed as one of her finest performances to date, worthy of, if not Oscar, then at least Grammy’s. It is a story already told many time about how aliens land on earth and humans find someone who can talk to them but the way it has been told in Arrival is worth a watch. Supporting Amy Adams are Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker and both have done justice to their roles. This is one movie which every Sci-Fi fan must watch when it comes out on DVD/Blu Ray.





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