[Review] Narcos – Not to be missed

Creators: Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato, Doug Miro

Cast:  Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook, Pedro PascalPaulina Gaitan

Our Verdict


In January 2016 Netflix announced it’s global expansion to over 190 countries and it proved to be the most wise decision. It not only opened up newer markets but also opened opportunities to gain newer content according to the specific region. Netflix has set up Billions of Dollars for producing and creating newer content but in the midst of all the “Netflix Originals” there are some series which can be remembered as classics.


Everyone knows Pablo Escobar and there have been so many documentaries and features about the “Emperor of Narcotics” but Netflix has done an exceptional job in depicting the closest to reality series right down to the intimate details of Pablo’s life. The entire show is predominantly in Spanish with closed captions/sub-titles and English language where required.


With 2 seasons already aired on Netflix, this series has a lot more twists and turns waiting to happen as Netflix has announced 2 more seasons of Narcos. The existing part here is to see till what timelines will they be taking the series to. I don’t see it going beyond 4 seasons but then again, the history has been focused on Pablo more than anyone else and I feel that next seasons will shed more light into the other prominent cartels including the fate of Los Pepes and the Search Bloc.

The ups and downs along with the battle with his inner demons, Wagner played it to the tee.

On the acting side, I felt for Pablo and that was only due to exceptionally well crafted script and perfect delivery of the character by Wagner Moura. He learned how to speak Spanish and gained 40 pounds of weight for the character. The ups and downs along with the battle with his inner deamons, Wagner played it to the tee. The success of Narcos can largly be attributed to how Wagner transformed Pablo Escobar into a real life character and had the audience wanting more.


Another note worthy performance is by Pauline Gaitan, who plays Pablo’s wife Tata. Although Pauline’s screen presence is far less than Wagner but she nailed it with her emotional attachment portrayal to Pablo. Her struggle to keep her house in check and support to her husband is one of the highlights of this series.


On the “Amercian” side, Pedro Pascal steals the show as Javier Peña. A DEA agent stationed in Columbia. His deep rooted contacts within the Colombian drug cartels and the will to get things done is what made his character apart from your standard DEA agents. Along with Javeir another DEA agent Steve Murphy, played by Boyd Halbrook, was instrumental in catching Pablo Escobar. Halbrook is alright in his character and I felt that it could’ve been played better by any other veteran actor.


The landscapes & depiction of every era with attention to details is highlight of this show.

Once you start watching this series, you will feel the amount of research Netflix team has gone into for producing such classic. The landscapes & depiction of every era with attention to details is highlight of this show. Every character is well thought out and their importance in the life of Pablo is well documented.

Of course there are some minor loop holes in the show and those are what you may call “dramatization” for enhancing the feel for audience.

This is a must watch show for all those who love history and historic events which changed the world.



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