[Review] The Accountant – The one we all need

Director: Gavin O’Connor

Cast: Ben AffleckAnna KendrickJ.K. SimmonsJon Bernthal

Pre-Release Hype


After the success or what some may call a “luke-warm” success, Ben Affleck has come back with a slightly changed character than Batman but with somewhat similarities too. In the midst of all the action fantasy & sci-fi movies, The Accountant is a welcome change I was looking for especially with a star cast like Affleck, Simmons & Bernthal, I was expecting high-octane drama plus action. It did not disappoint much. Given the real life application of the scenarios presented before in movies like Lords of War and War Dogs, I reckon there must be a real life Accountant too.

The story of the movie is about an autistic boy, Christian Wolff, who has been through a very rough childhood as his parents have separated and he is living with his Army Veteran father and younger brother. The flashbacks of what went on in his life are good enough to fill the gaps of how he ended up being an Accountant. Christian grows up and turns out to an exceptionally skilled Accountant who “un-cooks” the accounting books for his clients, who are actually high profile people not really liked by US (typical). His job is to uncover the anomalies in the accounting practices of his clients and that’s where he saves them money and makes some for himself. In the middle of all this, and treasury department investigating him (rather trying to find who he is), he ends up with a client whose junior accountant finds out some massive embezzlements. This is where the action starts and hunt begins. Here you should know that Christian has another skill which clients do not know about and that’s he is a trained martial artist and can work like a mercenary if needed to save his clients. This skill is what’s keeping him alive.

There are moment where one does wonder the logic of introducing a character which disappears and has little or nothing to do with the story. Well, for that I’d say “Hold your horses” as all the characters are very well put with each one of them having a specific role at a given time. Including the little girl (You’d have to watch the movie to know this one).

Now here’s my question, did Ben Affleck play the role like it was supposed to or did he not get out of his Batman persona? Answer is not that simple. The way I see it, Ben does not have that much range of acting as his serious face is equivalent to his autistic face which equivalent to his sad face and that looks like his tensed face. Having said that, what I loved about his character was that he cracked jokes without knowing that it was a joke and you’d certainly enjoy it. Honestly, he did play it very well and I’d like to see a sequel to this as there could be a lot more interesting stories for “The Accountant”.

From other characters, I really liked Jon Berthnal’s role, which is quiet under a shadow throughout the movie only to reveal in the very end (I did figure it out before that but still interesting). Anna Kendrick is the damsel in distress and actually did not have many appearances in the entire movie. JK Simmons plays Ray King, who is Head of Crime Investigation Division in Treasury Department investigating Wolff. His character reveals its importance in the middle of the movie.



Overall, I really liked the movie and it does possess that one time re-watch value to connect the dots. Ben is currently working on the Justice League movie, reprising his Billionaire capped crusader role of Batman. During the time we wait, The Accountant is a good change for Affleck from his standard (and some forgettable roles – remember Gigli). The movie is good and would give you that satisfied feeling of time well spent.



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