Wanted – I want a Sequel

Director: Timur Bekmambetov

Cast: Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman

Pre-Release Hype


Officially, Angelina Jolie has become my top female action star. I thought that Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil trilogy, Fifth Element, Ultraviolet) was good but after watching Wanted, I am convinced that Angelina is the best. Okay, enough of my praises of Angelina and on with the movie review.


The movie is about The Fraternity, a league of assassins working for a few hundred years, maintaining the balance of good and evil. More sounds like what villain of “Batman Begins” wanted to do. Anyway, the story does not actually revolve around the league but around Wesley Gibson, a nobody. He is a loser in life, who hates his job, his fat boss and his selfish friends. He is shown searching for his name on Google but to no one’s surprise, nothing shows up. He often wonders whether his birth was a mistake by his parents. His father left his mother when he was born and his life was just a waste of time. Now here comes Ms. Jolie and she breaks the news to him that his father was an assassin and he was killed a night earlier and people who killed his father wanted to kill him too. There is an action sequence after they meet and it is a treat to watch.


Wesley is then taken to The Fraternity, where he is told that he possesses some special skills like his father and he should join them. Wesley, a sore loser, gets scared and runs away. What happens next is something I should not be revealing but you must have had an idea by now what the movie is all about. Well, I must tell you, that it is what you think but there is a “twist” in the story too.




Hollywood is best when it comes to cinematic and special effects. The entire movie is a treat to watch with some of the most spectacular action sequences in recent times. The curve bullet move is neat but honestly speaking, it is a little too much. However, it is still a treat to watch. Also I must admit, that if I had watched this movie on DVD, I would not have enjoyed it the way I did while watching it in cinema. The experience and thrill is something you will not get while watching it on your DVD player, no matter how good your sound system or screen is.

Timur Bekmambetov, the director of Wanted, comes from Russia and has made number of Russian movies in the past. This is his first big budget Hollywood flick, which he nails to perfection. The story is not something you would talk about in your movie discussions but action of the movie is what will keep you wanting to watch this movie again and again.



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