WALL-E – Prediction of our future

Director:  Andrew Stanton

Cast (Sound):  Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Jeff Garlin

Pre-Release Hype


The Earth has come to an end with a pile of junk and deteriorating atmosphere and all the earthlings are sent to outer space in a space craft which would give them a feel like home. The only problem with this scenario is that due to all pollution, cleanup can only be done by non-humans, i.e. robots. Earth scientists develop a system called WALL-E, short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth Class, to do the dirty job. This is the main story line from the latest Pixar offering in the series of blockbuster animated movies they have developed in the last couple of years.


Hollywood has really surpassed the level of what we can call perfection. They have started to produce almost true to life animated movies which are equally good for the entire family. Does that mean the beginning of an end for the actors, well not really but by looking at the grossing of these movies, the studios might think otherwise.

In the movie, WALL-E is the last robot left, who has been performing his duties for 700 years and not even a single day goes by when he is sick or called it an off day. It is a perfect scenario for any corporation anywhere in the world. He is accompanied by the only creature known to have survived the test of time, a cockroach. The movie starts with WALL-E busy in his work and then going back to his home (a damaged WALL-E vessel). He collects items, which interests him, like in one scene he is shown to have found a diamond ring but he throws away the ring and keeps the box. These small gestures in the movie are the ones which keeps one laughing and praising the classic production from Pixar. WALL-E also has a self learning robot and he learns from old TV shows and broadcasts, left behind by the humans.


One fine day, a space ship lands on earth and a new robot is left to explore. This new robot interests WALL-E and the situations where WALL-E is following this new robot is simply hilarious. The new robot is actually a female called EVE. WALL-E and EVE become friends (like almost intimate friends and it’s one of the best scenes in the movie. EVE is sent to earth for a purpose, i.e. to find life signs and so she finds and calls back her ship. WALL-E all in love with EVE decides to get her love back and hops on the space ship as well. WALL-E then discovers that humans have been living in outer space for the last 700 years and they have grown so lazy and dependant on technology that they do not interact with each other directly but via web cams, messengers etc. It is somewhat similar situation of where we are headed with dependency on gadgets and technology in our everyday life. I would not like to disclose the whole story line but you have to watch it to enjoy it.




There is however a message in the movie, which is, no matter what we do and how much technology we develop, we are responsible for our own actions and there is no other way we can save our planet then to take care of it. I recommend this movie 110% and all the children must watch it to learn what they might become with all gadgets and fast food. A classic title worthy of becoming a collector’s item.



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