Tropic Thunder – Extraordinary Brilliance

Director: Ben Stiller

Cast:  Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr.Tom Cruise


Pre-Release Hype


I am a huge fan of all the three stars, Ben Stellar, Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black. All of three have immense star power and have come up with brilliant movies like Zoolander, Iron Man, Kung Fu Panda in the recent times. Ben Stellar is one actor who has always been bankable when it comes to comedies. He has shown his comedic genius in movies like Zoolander, where he was a male super model and depicted the highs and lows of what goes on in a life of a male super model. Then there was another block buster romantic comedy “There is something about Marry” with Cameron Diaz, where he is a loser lover trying to win back his high school crush. He has been in the industry for almost two decades and has been cruising smoothly so far. Ben is also the co-writer and director of this latest comedy flick, Tropic Thunder.


The movie is about a super star actor, Ben, who is going through a rough patch with a series of bombed movies at the box office. Now he is determined to make his last attempt to revive his career. He is starring in a war movie, which is based on real life events of a war veteran. Along with Ben, is Robert Downey Jr., whom I must say that has done a brilliant job portraying himself as a black man. In the movie, Robert is known for getting into the act of every movie and for this one, he undergoes cosmetic surgery to make him look like a black man. He also acts like one too (realistically). Jack Black is another troubled super star in the movie and he also comes with a troubled past. Getting drunk in parties and goofing around on red carpet when it is not required.


All three of them are now in the same movie, trying to make things work. The war veteran, played by Nick Nolte, is sick and tired of the antics of all these actors, who cannot make things right. Therefore he suggests to the director to drop these actors in a live war type environment, without telling them and then shoot the movie. So there the story begins. The entire plot of the movie is so interesting that one has to watch it completely to enjoy it the most. There are some hilarious moments between Ben and Robert where you will roll on the floor laughing. Robert’s portrayal of a black man, in presence of a black man is nothing less than a treat to watch. Jack Black, as a drug addict trying to cut back his habit showed some memorable moments. There is a however a surprise in the movie and that is Tom Cruise. You might not notice him in the start but since he has a unique style, you will eventually notice. I leave that to you to find out.




Overall, this movie has come as a breather between the movie line-ups full of action and adventure flicks and I would recommend it to the fullest to all of you to see. A must see for all the Ben Stellar fans and possible a collector’s item as well in the arsenal of comedies of the year.



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