The Dark Knight – One Word “Legendary”

Director: Christopher Nolan

Cast: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart

Pre-Release Hype


We lost one of the most talented actors recently, Heath Ledger, and I must say that now the entire world has given him a standing ovation in the form of watching and making The Dark Knight a record breaking block buster of all time. Normally, I don’t associate myself with a particular actor to keep un-bias and honest review but after watching The Dark Knight, I must say that Heath Ledger truly has become a legend after playing the role of “The Joker”. From the very start till the very end, his presence on the screen was immense and I truly do not think that any other actor can play similar character, at least, in near future.


All the characters of this latest flick in the Bat Man franchise have grown since the last movie, Batman Begins. I have always loved the Batman series and I think he is one super hero everyone can relate to. He is not super human, does not have any super powers but has the mind and heart to go beyond the capabilities of an average Joe. Of course, he has the greens to pull it all off by using state of the art armor and weaponry.  Gotham City has seen the day light for the first time (literally) and I absolutely loved it. Although day light scenes were limited, but they provided a natural and original feeling to the entire movie. I guess the movie director wanted to make it closer to normal day life. The cast and crew of The Dark Knight deserves applaud for providing almost perfect sequel to Batman Begins and have left everyone wanting more.



The Dark Knight is not our average 1 hour 50 minute flick but a 2 hour 40 minute movie. Even If it was cut down to the average length then a lot would have been missed out, which was important for the story development and stickiness. From the very start of the movie, you will feel it dragging you with it with excellent story line and superb camera work and of course brilliant acting by all. Another change you will notice is the replacement of Katie Homes as DA Rachel by Maggie Gyllennhaal. I was disappointed by the absence of Katie Homes but I guess Tom Cruise would have become insignificant as this movie would have given Katie’s movie career a rocket boost. But not all is lost as Rachel’s character was reduced due to absence of Katie and people did not even want to see anyone else replacing her.


The story line is pretty simple, we already knew the joker being introduced for this sequel. Now he has come into action by disrupting the peace of Gotham City. A very interesting thing to notice is that how now the story is following the original comic trend of The Dark Knight. The original comics show the average people following on Batman footsteps and have started to take the law in their own hands. Batman does not like it so he is in every sense sick and tired of these types of people who are putting a bad name to his crusade. This movie is all back to basics, the rise and fall of Batman.




The story, again, is written beautifully and I will again commend the writers for developing an exceptional and twisted character for The Joker. Heath Ledger spent an entire month understanding the character, in a secluded apartment in Manhattan, NY. Some say that he got so involved in the character that it resulted in his own demise. We do not know the truth behind Heath Ledger’s death but we do know and will always remember how he brought the long time nemesis of Batman, back to life, in return of his own.

A very highly recommended movie but unfortunately it was not released in Pakistan due to unknown reasons. Its DVD release is out and one must buy this title immediately to preserve a historic and an epic tale of “The Dark Knight”.




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