Felon – An Unexpected Hit

Director: Ric Roman Waugh

Cast: Stephen Dorff, Val Kilmer, Harold Perrineau

Pre-Release Hype

Sometimes life takes a turn which totally unexpected and it lands one in a situation which is uncalled for. The phrase, hope for the best and expect the worst, is truly defined in this movie called felon. The tag line of this movie is “No Rules. No Hope. No Way Out”, which is somewhat misleading when one reads it wondering this movie to be an average Hollywood action flick with loads of thrills, chills, and gunshot battles. On the other hand, it is not the case. This movie defines real life and gives a clear message to everyone that no matter what you do, the outcome might not be what you are expecting.


Wade Porter (Stephen Dorff) is an average American with family, a wife and a son. He is trying to start up his own business and his life seems to be getting on track. He has ambition, dreams and passion to give him family the best but one incident changes his life forever. One night, a burglar breaks into his house and which chasing him outside the house, Porter kills him. While you are watching the movie, you will wonder that he did it in self defense and to save his family but the cops think otherwise. The law says that any intruder killed inside the house can be taken into self defense but someone killed outside the house is murder. Porter is booked for murder and thrown into jail. His trial starts and his lawyer advise him to plea involuntary murder so that his sentence is reduced. He does that and is sentenced to 3 years in state prison.


This state prison is home to the most vicious criminals and Porter, a first time offender finds it really hard to deal with the environment. He meets John Smith (Val Kilmer) who is in for life and is a philosopher.  John teaches him ways to survive in the prison and helps him learn ways to handle everyday danger from other criminals. Porter’s wife on the other hand goes through a lot of pain as she has to sell the house and all their belongings in order to pay off debts, which they took for establishing their own business. Porter is now surviving his time.


The movie is shot in real prison in New Mexico and is based on true life incidents in California State Prison, which is one of the most notorious jails in the US. I liked this movie not because it was something out of the ordinary but because of the true to life acting and environment. Stephen Dorff is an under rated actor who has outdone himself with his performance. Val Kilmer on the other hand is my all time favorite actor ever since Top Gun days and he showed that he still has a spark left. Harold Perrineau was excellent in his badass jail superintendent role. Overall, I rate this movie very high for the acting, drama and true to life storyline.





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