Death Race – Making of a Franchise

Director: Paul W.S. Anderson

Cast: Jason Statham, Joan Allen, Tyrese Gibson, Natalie Martinez

Pre-Release Hype


I really liked The Transporter series and how Jason Statham established himself as an action star. Other than those, I really didn’t see any movie in which he gave a really good performance. Although with a couple of flicks like Crank, The Bank Job, The Italian Job, War and Revolver, Jason did manage to keep on hanging to his action star status. This movie is no exception. A low budget movie with loads of gun battles, car racing and gruesome kills is how I will define Death Race. I don’t know what is with the Hollywood studios as most of them have suddenly started producing movies based on future and in every movie the future is dark and violent.



Death Race is story of a US state prison which is run by Joan Allen (The Bourne Series), a badass superintendent who hates criminals and all she cares about is her standing and fear in the minds of the prisoners. Jason Statham is an average Joe who is wrongly accused of his wife’s murder and now doing time in this prison. Now the exciting part for him is that the superintendent runs an event by the name of Death Race, which is broadcasted directly over the Internet and millions of fan register on their website to view live racing in which prisoners die. The catch of this race is that either you are the winner or you are dead. There is no other way out. Frankenstein is a character which the jailer has created and he has been winning the Death Race for some time now.  Originally, Frankenstein is dead by the inmates don’t know that. Joan asks Jason to become Frankenstein in return of his freedom.



There are full fledge garages where NFS (Need For Speed) style upgrades are available and inmates work with different teams. The story has no twists or turns, it pretty straight forward action class movie.  Other notable actors in the movie are Tyrese Gibson, who got his fame from Fast and the Furious 2 and Natalie Martinez, who is a hot and sassy brunet with looks and body to kill for.  Death Race is her first movie and before that she has been appearing in TV on various shows.




Over all, the movie is something you can watch if you have time to kill and are craving for an action flick. Although the movie does not have message to give or any scenes to remember but does have a unique flavor to it i.e. Death Race redefines the intuitive and innovative ways to kill people. It does not gives an insight to what goes on behind prison walls as the whole idea of this movie is fictional and not even close to reality. A time pass and forgettable movie.





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